Bookkeeping- Know the Status of Your Flocks Proverbs 27:23-24 NIV

Training Only- I train business owners on the required bookkeeping tasks and software for you and your business. I train on Freshbooks, Zoho Books, QuickBooks or Xero. I partner with you to handle all other tasks behind the scenes with monthly or quarterly maintenance plans.

Automated bookkeeping system keeps your financials simple and clean. You have a bird's eye view of collections, revenue, and bills in one snapshot. Simple reports help to manage taxes and cash management.

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Payroll Or Owners Pay Calculations Romans 4:4 NIV

I train the business owner how to process payroll for 1-150 employees while I handle taxes for you, I train you on a system to calculate and process owners self-employment taxes or you can outsource and I prepare the payroll and taxes for you.

Most people believe calculating taxes on pay is only for employees but as business owners, we are required to calculate self-employment taxes on the money you take out of the business. I show you how to calculate your taxes. Simple and easy.

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Tax Planning & Tax Payment Processing - Romans 13:6 NIV

Tax planning is the top cash management savings tool! We will brainstorm the tax options that save you thousands of dollars and keep more money in your pocket and business! Monthly and Quarterly planning is recommended. Tax planning is the way to keep tax bills low and manageable.

Most business owners wait until tax season to determine if their business was profitable. But, did you know a business with $0 taxes reflects poor cash management? Not to say we love to pay taxes but taxes reflect a profit. Proverbs 31:18.

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Don’t Avoid Accounting Instead Find Financial & Spiritual FREEDOM!

I’m Y. Michelle Coard and I help entrepreneurs with new or established business owners through accounting and tax.  I also help them to create and keep more profit in their business for making a living, giving, savings, investments, growing and FUN! Kingdom Business Owner it’s time to increase profits, master money management G-d’s way, grow your Kingdom business with Biblical, federal and state business accounting and profit strategies!  Yahovah uses business owners too! 

Operating with God in your business doesn’t mean you become a ministry or a church.  We are business owners that operate in various fields.  The difference is our business focus on godly standards of business.  We focus on people before money and when we do G-d brings the increase!  People can see the fruit of the spirit in our daily interaction.  We can sell socks and people will feel and know something is different about us.  I work with you to first find your focus on G-d instead of chasing the things of the world.  Being G-d focus will also help to release the issues many people have with money.  

A Christ Follower is different in our heart, mind, and lifestyle.  We operate out of Grace instead of stress, desperation or fear of missing out.  We don’t participate in the things of the world but we operate according to Biblical principles.  Would you like to know more? Let’s talk.  Do you have to change your business?  Yehovah will let you know but first, expect your heart and mind to change if you are ready.  Learn more click one of the buttons below or reach out to me on the “Contact Me” page. 

B&P offers online workshops, webinars, and e-courses to assist you with learning more about accounting for the small business owner. 



My New E-Book

Breaking Forgotten Curses: Receiving Your Power & Authority Over Demonic Oppression

I am so thankful and nervous! I have rolled out my first Kindle book! Yes, that’s me, Yaschica! Get your copy today! Breaking Chains!

I love that even through rolling out this book Abba shows me things don’t have to be perfect. There were challenges, such as uploading the wrong manuscript copy, lol. But Yehovah will lead you to what you need and to the people who can guide you.

Head over to Amazon and grab your copy today!!


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