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About B&P Accounting Solutions

Bookkeeping- Know the Status of Your Business Financials

Training Only- I train business owners on the required bookkeeping tasks and software for you and your business. I train on Freshbooks, Zoho Books, QuickBooks or Xero. I partner with you to handle all other tasks behind the scenes with monthly or quarterly maintenance plans.

Automated bookkeeping system keeps your financials simple and clean. You have a bird's eye view of collections, revenue, and bills in one snapshot. Simple reports help to manage taxes and cash management.

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Payroll Or Owners Pay Calculations

I train the business owner how to process payroll for 1-150 employees while I handle taxes for you, I train you on a system to calculate and process owners self-employment taxes or you can outsource and I prepare the payroll and taxes for you.

Most people believe calculating taxes on pay is only for employees but as business owners, we are required to calculate self-employment taxes on the money you take out of the business. I show you how to calculate your taxes. Simple and easy.

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Tax Planning & Tax Payment Processing

Tax planning is the top cash management savings tool! We will brainstorm the tax options that save you thousands of dollars and keep more money in your pocket and business! Monthly and Quarterly planning is recommended. Tax planning is the way to keep tax bills low and manageable.

Most business owners wait until tax season to determine if their business was profitable. But, did you know a business with $0 taxes reflects poor cash management? Not to say we love to pay taxes but taxes reflect a profit.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

A business owner must understand the financial side of things as well as operations. I always seek ways to increase quality and reduce time and money.

In my courses, you will find information to help empower you to grow your financial understanding as well as improve your profit. You will learn how accounting, taxes, payroll, owners draw, owners investment and business process management will help you to increase productivity and your bottom line. Online courses will allow you the ability to learn at your own pace, review the information over and over again and during your schedule. You have access 24/7 if you so choose for affordable prices!

I look forward to walking with you as you grow on your business and financial journey!
Yaschica Michelle Coard, B.A.S and A.A.S in Accounting is the Owner and President of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp based in Fuquay Varina, NC. is an Accountant and Business Consultant and Trainer. Net Profit Strategist. Y. Michelle Opened B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp in April of 2007.
Yaschica has 20 plus years of experience in the field of Accounting and a Bachelors and Associate Degrees in Applied Sciences in Accounting. She has experience in Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning, Mastering Money Management for business and personal accounting solutions for all income levels, Profit strategies to help you create accounting processes to increase net profit. Y. Michelle has 10 plus years of experience in accounting software and is a Zoho Books Advisor.  I focus on the Zoho Books application system to assist you with the best Business Management possible.
"I help you create accounting processes that help you create better business stewardship to increase your net profits."
Y.Michelle Coard