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I offer business tips, increase profits, business optimization processes, business optimization tips, basic accounting tips, and business software training tutorials on my blogs.  

The blogs have a mixture of videos, audio recordings, and podcast to help you walk through the tutorials.  

Experience a sample of my inside my training guides/courses.

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My guides are training course modules.  I call my courses training guides because we are on a journey in all we do including business.  Walking with you through this journey by showing you what I have learned and experience with a firm grasp on the path of YAH. And how that works for YAH's people as business owners.  You are in a safe and confidential space.  All guides are private modules and there is an offering of webinars coming soon and attendance is by choice.  No solicitation here in this space as well.  We are here to return to obedience to YAH in business and to create or remake a profitable, sustainable, and righteous business.  

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1.  Do you want to work with a consultant?  I am an business process optimization consultant. And that means I am a good steward.

2.  I do not believe in selling to someone that it is not a good fit. 

3.  Buy what we need. I understand the importance of buying what we need and letting go of what we do not need. 

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Ask Your Business Questions 3rd Day - Tuesdays

Join me once a month on select Tuesdays for question and answers.  You may ask your business process and efficiency questions regarding personal or business or both.  Tax questions require research and more time so please make a tax planning appointment to discuss.  Click the Chat button to the right hand side and I will respond.  Yes, it is me Y. Michelle Coard and all questions are confidential.  I will never share your information.

You can instantly chat and come back to see a general post regarding your question on the blogs.  Normally I will add a short tutorial to the help other business owners or for reference at a later time for you.  Your information is private information and is never shared as I use examples without private information to share.  You will also not have to worry about predatory sales people following you after you request or post questions like social media.  The sessions are one to one chat session on select Tuesdays we know as 3rd day.  So keep check here on the website to see when the chat feature is open!

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