Helping Entrepreneurs Profit More and Experience Greater Financial Peace of Mind

B&P Accounting Solutions, Payroll, Taxes, Cash Management

B&P Accounting Solutions, Payroll, Taxes, Cash Management

I’m Y. Michelle Coard and I help entrepreneurs with new or established business, create and keep more profit by fixing the money leaks.  I help transform the finances of their business, through a profit-generating plan, financial awareness, simplified systems, and expert guidance.

Most people RUN when they hear the words accounting, financial planning, budgeting, and bookkeeping.  This pains me because this avoidance can be costing them thousands of dollars and a whole lot of unnecessary stress and guilt!

The reality is that most business go out of business within the first 3-5 years and the biggest reason for that is lack of cash flow.  They simply weren’t earning a sustainable profit to stay in business.

But this can be avoided! And my sole purpose is to not only keep you in business, but to help your business thrive.

I pride myself on being your one-stop-shop to financial awareness and financial growth.  I can serve all of your monthly/quarterly advising, bookkeeping, cash flow, profit growth strategy, and annual tax needs.


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