March Madness Continues! Who’s On Your Team?

Your Inner Circle Will Have Your Back!

March madness continues! Who’s on your team?  Selecting the right teammates are important to accomplishing your goals. The people around you should fall in different areas of closeness to you and your vision. We meet people who will help us in different ways.

Everyone has an impact on your life and your business. We all have a purpose good or not so good. We impact each other in some way. The people in your inner circle will watch your back and support you in need. They are people you can trust.

Let’s think about sports. Sports have a very serious selection process for team members. Scouts look for players that can fit the needs of a team. A team member whose purpose is to further their own agenda will secretly damage the team from the inside out.

We often hire people to work with us in our business because someone says they are the best person to work with in this industry. Although the referral is good what other qualities are you seeking?  Jesus had 12 disciples but only 3 made it to the inner-inner circle. (Mark 3:13-19 NIV).

During your selection process of your inner team members have a select set of values or questions. You can use this process to determine if you have a great fit or if it is someone after their own agenda. Listen closely for the responses and watch their actions. I usually watch people for 6 months to a year before I work closely with them.

Having team members in your home or business who serve the team (family) is a positive impact on your money. Selfish teammates tend to spend more money with expensive suggestions, actions, and ideas. Help this teammate understand your business operates on a budget. Your focus is on quality and service and not just numbers. Teammates who focus only on money will not be happy with their salaries or fees, in the long run, you will stretch your budget to make them happy.

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