The Wisdom of the Investor’s Mindset

The wisdom of the investor’s mindset is the planting and harvesting concept. Investors know an investment needs to be productive, tended, researched, and above all time to develop. A wise investor seeks opportunities that benefit themselves as well as others for a profitable return on money.

An investor is someone who gives money to another company or business for a portion of ownership otherwise known as stock or capital investment. Investments also mean love, time, and focus. Investments are more than money. If a farmer plants a seed the farmer wants to reap a harvest. The important part of the investment is how well the farmer takes care of the seedlings.  The wisdom of an investor is based on many factors.  


My Top 4 Successful Wise Investor Strategies:

Wise Investors Avoid Making Investments Out of Desperation

Successful investors understand investments are like seeds that take time to develop a return on investment (ROI).  Most people who want to see an immediate return are disappointed. Anything worth having is worth waiting for in the long run.  Proverbs 28:19 NIV “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.”

Wise Investors invest in Others

Investments help others flourish but money should not be used as a mechanism of control.  Investors who mentor are the best because they are tending their investment and helping others to develop.

Wise Investors Make Value Purchases

A wise investment is purchasing services or courses that help you better manage money, business organization, marketing, tools to assist with saving time, employees, contractors, consultants, or passive income. A wise investment is investing into your own business expansion when you are ready. 

Wise Investors Seek Products or Services that Provide Inspiration

Invest in education. We should desire continuing education but learning should be to inspire the best you!  Avoid imitating someone else’s business unless you are a franchise owner.  If so, you are investing in a predefined system that works and the ability to use the name and processes.

Wisdom will lead you to purchase products or services that will expand your business and your knowledge.

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Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S, A.A.S, Accountant, and Profit Strategist.

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