Time & Money Versus Business Freedom- Money, Mindsets, & Creating Business Freedom Part 3

Do you often think business freedom would be nice but you have to work? And perhaps business freedom will have to come later. Do you add on more tasks becomes income is not coming in the way you would like? Or you need to keep up a hectic pace to earn money? After all, successful people work all day every day without taking a break, right? We should not look at building a business as time & money vs business freedom but time, money, AND business freedom. Yes, you can have it all.

When I started my business I needed income and flexibility to be a parent while serving others.  I thought a business would bring me flexibility but due to outdated mindsets and lack of boundaries, I spent more time working in my business than working on my business. I was afraid the money would stop or slow down if I stopped.

The response is to get creative. It’s unhealthy to work 12 hour days almost every day of the week without a break. A successful business owner needs to know the importance of taking time off, setting boundaries, and creating alternative income plans.

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We take action by talking to God as we are planning.   We move when he prompts us to move. Faith without action is dead James 2:17 NIV. Move with intention with intelligent action. Proverbs 17:24 An intelligent person aims at the wise action but a fool starts off in many directions.

How do you create business freedom and have time and money? Pray over all things and trust God Phillippians 4:6 NIV.

  • Set time boundaries, pay attention to pricing and spending.
  • Create revenue streams within your business.
  • Cultivate your current revenue streams.
  • Plan, execute and update marketing strategies.
  • Set working hours and office days for specific tasks.
  • Implement or update software that can save you time and money. (automation within reason)
  • Outsource when ready with a reasonable workload.
  • Set expectations with clients. Make sure you and the client are on the same page when delivering services and products.

We have to trust God.  Sometimes we have to let all other plans work and be still to wait on God before jumping to a new plan Psalm 37:7 NIV.

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