Christian Business Owner’s and Pricing – Is Money Evil? Part 1

Most Christian owners fail to set pricing to earn a profit. Many believe money is evil or earning profits are greedy. Is money evil? How can you use the profit to benefit others? Let’s talk about it. Getting to the root of the money issue. Y. Michelle Coard Read the blog:

Should Chrisitan business owners charge or is pricing greedy? Most Christians or Christ Followers always look at me like I am greedy when I say “you need to charge or increase prices.” Apparently, to place a price on a product or service is deemed greedy or evil. Unfortunately, most Christians misapply this Bible verse “The love of money is the root of evil.” and “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”- Both scriptures are true but how we apply the scriptures has been in error over the years or deception by our accuser.

Misapplied scriptures have created a major and I do mean major money block or poverty mindset. Christian’s fail to see opportunities for which God is calling them to earn income. Yet they are angry at those who have the money or continue to earn money.

Jesus speaks a very common parable in the Bible about talents (thousand of dollars back in the day) Luke 16. He speaks about the use of money and the responsibility associated with managing the money. He speaks of us receiving that which is more important than money which is the riches from God.

Goes back to man can not serve tw0 Gods, both God, and Mammon (an idol or false God) Luke 16:13 NIV. Most translations translate Mammon as money but that is what the false god (Satan) uses to deceive us.

Money is simply a resource. God does not need money to grow His Kingdom but he supplies it to us for our earthly economy.  We trade goods and services for payment. Sometimes we barter but mostly we trade for money (payment). Money is simply a resource for payment outside of bartering. Money is not good or evil but it depends on the heart, mindset, and spirit of the person with the money.

Next week I will cover scriptures about selling and profit in the Bible.

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