Action August: Starting Financial Organization

God is a God of order. Because God is a God of order I realized that his order brings clarity. I allowed my heart to be changed in his word by meditating on the word of God morning and evening and when things are good or bad (Joshua 1:8 NIV).  Yes, this is a process. Now I have the clarity to create systems that help to save me time and money.

My goal is to be a good steward of the time and money God has given me to manage. I am an accountant and I know the regulations and benefits of tracking transactions. But it’s more important to know how to properly use the money to serve God.

Mastering money God’s way was a major heart change, faith walk, and renewal of the mind.

4 Tips to Start Money Management

Track your spending for at least 1 month without changes

  • We first need to know where we are before we can move forward. Ask God to help you reach your goals and to give you clarity. Or review past purchases.

Write down your goals

(Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Business, Work, Education, all types of Goals.)

  • While you are tracking your spending write out your Goals. Changing money habits takes time and will not happen over night, so give yourself grace and forgiveness.  A great goal planner is Lara Casey’s “Power Sheets” you can get those at her store on Cultivate What Matters.
  • Slow down and listen to God. I would also recommend a bible study “The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkeurst.  Excellent book for slowing down. We can hear, sense, and feel what God wants when we slow down on our choices. Slowing down builds that God connection.

Journal your feelings around money

You can make this entry next to the transaction

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you think you should avoid a purchase? Or do you feel guilty? Do you feel like you deserve a purchase? Why did you make the purchase? The goal here is to pay attention to your emotions and thoughts.

Track your routines

Routines include everything you do throughout the day.  All of us have routines..even those who don’t like to plan.   The most successful people work with their cycle of habits instead of trying to mimic someone else.  

  • Track your routines because your daily habits impact money.  Not all routines or habits are bad habits.  We need to learn how to work around the good routines that need more love.
  • Modify, stop or start current routines (that work for you not everyone else).

The goal is to learn to love who you are in God.  By doing so we understand we are all different and so are our habits.  Most of the habits we have are for our God assignments and not your neighbors or your best friend.   As long as our habits are beneficial and pleasing to God, we will be successful! Joshua 1:8 NIV 

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My Suggested Tools:

  • Our Home (phone app for managing home chores)
  • Meal planners
  • Grocery planners
  • Walmart app (yes it helps for deal)
  • FileThis
  • Spreadsheet or Financial software like Quicken or
  • Google Calendar or a Calendar app

Y. Michelle Coard, President, and Profit Strategist.

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