About God’s Business: Starting Financial Organization

Podcast topics: We have cleared or become aware of financial mindsets that have held us back in the past.  Now, we are ready to take action.  What are you doing to track your financials?  Tracking financials can help you become aware of the small money leaks we miss.   I will touch on a couple of example of small purchases that add up over time.  Surprisingly, we blow our budgets by small purchases. What goals are currently in place and how can you fund those goals?  Focus on what your habits are not on what someone else needs to accomplish.


Additional tip:  This is not in the podcast: but I remember when I attended networking groups and the group’s goals were not in alignment with my goals.  Therefore, they asked for money that I had already earmarked for other things that were important to my family and my business.  If your goals are not in alignment with the group’s goals it doesn’t mean you are selfish.  What has God given to you to do and what do you need to do to accomplish this goal.  This will determine your budget.



Y. Michelle Coard, President, and Profit Strategist.

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