Action August: Financial Organization and Routines

Most people don’t really think about routines when it comes to money but time is money. Last weeks blog we covered 4 tips to start your financial organization. The number 1 tip was to record your transactions and number 4 was to record your routines.

Just like many people I have many responsibilities to handle. Because I am a child of God first, I connect to him and I have noticed that everything else goes much smoother. I don’t carry each responsibility by myself. Jesus first leads me through an intentional day to determine the to-do’s I have to accomplish (Proverbs 17:24 NIV). I approach each day with a focus on what he wants. He also allows me room for creativity, but I find comfort in knowing I can run each idea by God, and ask for clarity when I feel I am running in circles.

Having an idea of my routines determine how I spend the money resources. Do I need to purchase a new tool for a project? Do I need to give someone gas money? I prayerfully approach each task with questions.  Planning has helped to create freedom in my life by approaching my day this way. I allowed my to-dos and the shoulds to run my day for many years. And I could not understand why I was always frustrated. I spent time and money playing catch up from many unplanned expenses and schedules. I thought that I needed to be spontaneous because that’s more fun, right? Wrong. Spontaneity without a basic plan cost time and money. We will talk more about how spontaneity fits into plans later.

Today, I have peace of mind and spirit in many areas of life.

Here are my top 5 tips for saving money around my routines. Yours may be different.

1. I avoid taking more than 1-2 trips to the store. I have 3-4 main stores that I shop and compare sales. Also those “small trips” add up. I like to know what we need before I go. I purchase all of my ingredients for dinners during my weekly grocery trip or pickup. I make sure I have all I need to make a recipe. I plan my meals in advance.

2. I stopped allowing the unexpected to drive my time and money. If a request for money pops up outside of my weekly or monthly financial plans I say no, if there is no room in the margin area. Perhaps, next week or next month. No is a friend. Delayed responses, as well as gratification, are very important to your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

3. I leave a margin for the unexpected in time and money. Here’s where spontaneity fits into the plan. Don’t stress when plans fall through.

4. I cut out extra activities that cost money so I can pay for other required purchases; like football games to watch my son play. What are your priorities and needs?

5. I leave room to purchase my happy items. Self-deprivation is not a requirement for being a good financial steward. I make fun purchases in moderation and on certain days. This has helped me exercise my spirit of self-control by delaying gratification and responses.

We have been given a spirit of self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 but that doesn’t mean it is activated when we receive the spirit. This spirit comes by way of the Holy Spirit and just like our skills, abilities, spiritual gifts, and gifts of the spirit they have to be exercised.

Will power doesn’t work but learn to ask God for help and guidance. Trusting him begins to activate that spirit of self-control helping you to delay those immediate purchases and responses.

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Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.

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