Action August: Reviewing the Lessons Learned

We are at the end of August! Wow, what a summer. I learned a lot this summer and it’s time to review the lessons learned.

End of summer of 2015, I did not have time to stop and notice small but important lessons along my journey. Summer end of 2016, I allowed God to pick up the pieces of the wreckage I created by trying to do everything on my own. Summer end of 2017, I see the blessings of allowing Christ to be the center of my life and business. I stepped back and opened the door to his help.

I truly embraced. Matthew 11:28 NIV: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I was tired of trying to carry it on my own. Today, anytime I feel myself trying to force an outcome I let it go.  It takes daily practice. I wish I could say it’s immediate but it’s not easy to let go. I am learning to listen and respond when God calls me to respond.

You can also learn from your past routines, spending, and time.

Learn the importance of delegation and minimizing at home and in business.

Often, we are so busy trying to do other people jobs (micromanaging) that we miss doing the job we are called to do. We do this with God too. We are so busy trying to be God that we miss God on our part. And missing our part is disobedience. I have learned to have faith that God will take care of us.  I can step in at the moment of His instruction. I appreciate His guidance.

How does this relate to business? Because when we don’t know what is required in business and what is a desire, we don’t understand where we step in to take faithful action. We tend to spend our resources in the all the wrong areas. We miss how to use the resources we receive to best benefit God’s purpose for us.

Learn to let go and let God in your resources.

How can you let go and let God in your resources? Start by reviewing your income, spending, and routines. Review your cash tracking for the last 3-4 weeks. Not sure what I am talking about? Read “Action August: Starting Financial Organization.”

  1. Where did you spend the most money? Why? How do you feel?
  2. Where did you earn the most income? Why? How do you feel?
  3. How do your routines contribute to spending? Is it a good thing? Such as do you feel relief? Or did you feel like you wasted money?
  4. Where should you delegate or eliminate tasks that are not yours to complete? Stop trying to do it all.

Eliminate unproductive habits.

Routines determine how we spend our time and time is money. Ask God to guide you through the most important routines.

If I don’t have a plan on what I need to do first thing in the morning, I will not consult with God and I would not stay on track. I eliminate emails in the morning and only accept text from my children. That allows me control over my time.

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Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.

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