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The power in an uncluttered schedule will be key in taking care of our homes and our businesses. I started on this path of making a more productive schedule instead of just being busy schedule when I was seeking financial freedom. Deep inside me, I had a knowing that business ownership did not have to include daily stress to reach my goals. Nor did it mean I would have to sacrifice my family. We must have family time but we have been trained to do things as the world does them.

I started with things in my schedule that I realize was linked to my financials. One expense I had to cut was meeting out. Meeting out cost money when a video conference is an excellent feature and would cost me a monthly fee as well as limit the time used for travel. However, I do know the importance of meeting with people in person. I would try to plan one trip to meet everyone out, and that would reduce the expense of travel and trying to find a babysitter. I work with clients that don’t mind children in the background or if I have to bring them along. We still met our goals with interruptions, of course, that’s part of being a parent with a business. Most people who are too serious putting work first did not work out as clients, and I accepted that part of my business.

I pay attention to the things that contributed to the flesh. You may say that’s old school. The desires that we have today have different labels but are the same sins Satan tried to tempt Yahshua (Jesus). We struggle with this same three category of sins that brings hardship and downfall to us today. Things that are leading us to destruction contrary to the belief of some that believe the false teaching “once save always save” (this is not true).

1 John 2:16

1. Lust of the eyes
2. Lust of the flesh
3. Pride of life

I can save money when I say no to the lust of the eyes. Lust of the eyes is a desire for what we see. Food is something I have to monitor frequently, and the cost of food can rise quickly. We like to eat. We enjoy food but even that I have to remember the “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that cometh out of my mouth.”- Yehovah. I saved money and lost inches in this process. Win Win.  This can apply to many things we see and we want those things.  (That’s why commercials are so popular.)

In business, it can be a desire to have our business look like someone else’s business. Perhaps we see someone that seems to be successful, and they sell us their tips for success in the process many people will try to create a business that looks like theirs others will try to make a slight change, but the cost can be the same or more to reach this goal. We will overspend, use necessary time, and get away from the direction of the Holy Spirit for us.

I have learned that Abba will lead us to those things that confound the wise.

Life Examples of how our schedules can impact others:

I have work hours of about Monday through Friday 9-6 and Sundays are half a day. (I meet with clients at this time, but I do make exceptions). I usually work at various time frames throughout the day. I work with my son’s schedule into my schedule so I can support him. My grandson lives with us, so I have breaks to tend to him, but I am teaching both of them we have time for the things we need to complete. We focus on school, work, and athletics for him. My grandson is learning life skills and numbers and letters. We all rest on the Sabbath. I discuss the word of YAH frequently according to his word. And we work in extra activities when we complete all of our have to’s early. I allow YAH to give us joy and enjoyment of the things he has given us because this too is a blessing.

I have had to say no to many things that people believe are important but from searching the scriptures, I have learned that family comes first and then work and I lean on Yahshua to complete all I need to do and work in his grace.



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