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Creating Natural Increases from Spiritual Investments

Since most people can feel and know spirituality is in business as in what we do for trade or earning money.  Spiritual monopolization of earning money or something for trade but what is the correct way to increase your natural?  Perhaps you also wonder if you are doing something that can spiritually block your natural increases.  

Yes, what we do as in walk outside the mark of YAH as in sin or walking in the spirit of something else. Walking in the spirit of something else is what the children of the world know as karma. By the way, Karma does not apply to the people of YAH as this word means to seek and humble yourself to an unknown spirit as you are seeking something to fill you outside of YAH that will harm your natural increase.  Walking in the spirit of YAH is not the prosperity theology or karma because we do not deal in that wickedness and that is a major part of the problem.  Most people give to get an increase from other streams.  As in people give away products and services

I am not saying giving is wrong because we all know it is better to give than to receive but If you are only giving to get or instead of the primary goal to come back into the obedience of YAH in all works then you are causing the issues with disobedience that brings lack.

That is right number one is the obedience to YARAH (Torah) not a large donation to a charismatic preacher or any organization with the appearance of righteousness and not just giving to someone who is doing what you want to do.  You will find it is what YAH calls building broken cisterns.

Yiramiah (Jeremiah) 2:13 KJV – Because you have turned to strength outside of my foundations outside of my spirit a broken vessel and bound to them by giving them your power and your spirit (as in your thinking, your mind, your focus, your being (temple) for access).  You will not be a whole vessel fit to hold water.  (natural and spiritual as in your mind your LaBa the heart to hold YAH's light and spirit as in the salvation of YARAH).  (I am giving you the Hebrew translation.) 

Pay people that work for you.  Yes, when you derived benefit from the work of another you need to make payment.  Free labor is slavery.  The laborer is worthy of their wages.  Also, contractors or consultants are business owners so they set their wages and you can determine if you agree with the price or not.  Stop the lie that it is a “blessing” if someone works for free.  If someone does not know what to charge give them a fair wage and send them over to my pricing course.  The "free service blessing" is a religious deception to create slavery.  Here is a link to my blog about the true meaning of service.  

Stop trying to get everything for free or at a bargain.  If you expect to get things for free why do you expect your clients to pay you?  

Pay your bills on time.  If you make a purchase, why are you complaining when it is time to pay the bill?  The fact you have the money to pay, not credit, is a blessing.  If you do not want to pay do not make the purchase.  YAH does not provide by cheating people.  Paying bills is keeping our promises.  And you are causing a vendor a disruption as well because they are billing you for a trade. Just like you work for your employer to receive pay or charge your clients and customers of sales.  Paying your bills late or not paying them is selfish.

Prioritize your life according to YARAH.  Once I stop fighting what comes first home or business, I am able to create a workflow from the foundations YaWAMA is the word for the spiritual entry of the working waters of YAH of his order through light so this word is called "Day".  Every day is not perfect, but most days are fulfilling and YAH is in every part of the day on purpose.  Working with those dealing with spirits of jealousy, pride, or rebellion we believe they do not have to respect your boundaries can be an issue.  Continue to walk in the light and we are told when we work in the following spirit of YAH's light and salvation, YARAH, we will receive an increase.  Deuteronomy 8:18 YAH says he has given us the ability to create wealth.  Remember wealth does not mean what the world thinks but it does include an increase in the things we need for trade including money.

Put agreements in writing.  Fighting the children of the gods of this world is a battle.  You must have it in writing.  The Most High tells us to put things in writing so people cannot falsely accuse us, such wisdom!

Invest in the obedient to YARAH.   Stop wasting money supporting the wicked.  If the fruit looks good but the roots are wicked that will be cut done by YAH.  Unrighteous earnings will have to be accounted for when YAHOSHUA returns.

Learn to Wait On YAH.  We tend to want to make things happen and since people suffer from the wickedness of the spirits of “inspiration” they tend to make us think it is a good idea to attempt to go against YAH.  You can tell when you are attempting to "make it happen."  YAH has shown you and us through scripts, prayer, and past events not to do what the world is doing but because it seems so impossible today people allow the spirit of doubt to tell us it cannot be real.  I mean something referring to YARAH (Torah).  So, what do you do?  You do the same thing over again only to find it still is not blessed by YAH and this time it comes with more consequences.  Now you must start over again in the waiting, cleansing, and refinement period before you can move to the next level until you learn your lesson if the grace of YAH allows more time.

Acknowledge YAH in All You Do.  Acknowledging YAH is more than the spoken word.  I have seen many people claim to praise him, but their actions (works) are not quodesh or set-apart.  They act just like the world.  Acknowledgment of YAH in your work and your home life and they are not separate but ALL we do and it represents the spirit that we walk in daily.  Since the spirit of rebellion system forces many people to leave YAH outside of work you can see how messed up it is in the work environments just like the schools.  Seeing their sins allow the demonic to take over should be an indication to show us why we do not do what the world is doing on their diverse and chaotic paths.  YAH’s answer is most of YAH’s people will be business owners or work for someone that owns one of HIS businesses.  You can tell YAH is welcomed.

I will continue to add to this list as I learn more.  You will be surprised how powerful these actions are for you!  YAH is watching!  

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