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Clearing the Confusion of Accountants and Financial Management

Accountants and Financial Managers are often confused as many perform services that blur the lines and confuse people about accounting services.  Financial Management is a different field and is also not the same as a business major.  The training is different for all three, but some training is similar leading people to believe they can work as accountants because most people believe accounting is only bookkeeping or tax preparation.  Because people believe accounting is only bookkeeping, they underestimate what an accountant can provide therefore people hire a financial manager over an accountant.  Also, as an accountant, I watch as people take on different services that fall into different areas and call it accounting.  I have seen accountants transition to financial managers because it seems easier when it comes to making money.

People underestimate the value and technical training of a bookkeeper and people undervalue the essential portions of bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping is a tool for tracking, but bookkeeping is essential as it also tells the past, present, and potential future of the business operations by tracking income and spending.  Budgeting is used in the beginning before spending to navigate and manage cash-flow (cash-flow also includes using digital money that comes in different forms but for purposes of this article such as debit cards, electronic wallets, and credit cards.) but most people forgo the budget and often opt for just tracking transactions and call that management. 

"We can not manage something after it has happened. The goal of a manager is to improve and steer better in the beginning. - Yaschica Michelle Coard"

A financial manager works with investments and debt also known as financing.  Investments come after proper management of money earned from overall business activities or operations. But people are attempting to use investments to maintain a business that is for active income.  People are using active income to produce passive income but using debt to fund a business that needs to actively produce a service, product, or both to sell for income.

Passive income does not replace the work of the hands or active income.  We as a people need both and this is why the elders continue working after the so-called retirement age.  Investing in the righteous income streams is essential for the people of YHWH.  We do not conspire with ill-gotten plots and plans and if you do it will result in spiritual lack and poverty that will manifest naturally. Lack is not a spirit but it is the result of walking against YAH's spirit.      

Over time the jobs of financial managers and accountants are twisted.  When I look up the description of a financial manager it can sound like the job of an accountant because the terminology is such the everyday person is not familiar with the differences.  What I see is a flipping of duties that business owners focus more on investments (chasing money) over actual working and building their business (the blessings of the work of our hands scriptural.)  I am one fighting to end this lie as my true assignment is overshadowed by approval of greed in mainstream business.  The parable of the talents is an excellent parable for how we operate in service.  Matthew 25.  Particularly MattiYahu 25:24-27 KJV shows us that investment is last.

I am thankful for the revelation revealed to me from YAH to see how there is a separation of the types of work we provide to others through business and our work is impacted by who we serve. Scripts explain what is happening. I am not saying financing or investing is a sin for everyone. However, for the people of YAH, we must consider the roots. The investment system is rooted in the original stocks and bonds of our people of the slave trade. So I know YAH will destroy the roots of that system so why would I sink money into that system. I invest in my business and in the business of the people of YAH.   

Revelation 13:17.  Learn more about the actual meaning of “name,” “mark,” “sign,” and “covenant.”  The name and the mark mean we will think like and work according to the spirit of chaos and that is the world system. The mark is our belief system in our spirits what spirit do we walk in as in our beliefs. So you see business and personal following the spirit of YAH is obedience to his YARAH,(teachings). 

He and she that have spiritual eyes and ears to see the things of YAH are called to come out of the system that is not of YAH. However today we take this the wrong way. Does this mean I have to completely shut down or do not work? No, not at all that is a religious lie. But I can see that an accountant is called from the beginning. We are seers, defense, and stewards. We can see weapons used against us and you spiritually that manifest in the natural and we work to defend ourselves and you against those things. We point people back to YAH through business.

Although an accountant can be an investor, I am not a broker or a banker.  I am an administrator of accountancy.  I govern and manage accountancy.  Bookkeepers work under the management of accountants and although they can be labeled accountants, they are not the managing accountants.  A financial manager is also not a managing accountant although they can be pushed or act into that position to oversee accounting.  Accounting is the heart and pulse of a business monitoring what happens inside the business.  The financial manager focuses on how to invest the profits once earned from income.  Capital management is another term for cash management by an accountant.   A financial manager or financial advisor’s goal is to limit your cash flow so you can invest in their suggestions in turn they make money off your investments too.  An accountant is helping the cash flow within a business and yes we are paid for our services but we (you and I) increase from sustainable business growth.

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Management Officer directs the flow of management in a business.  The accounting departments that manage the various parts of accounting are mentioned in Dave Ramsey's article. (I do not support nor am I affiliated with the Ramsey beliefs and business.) I am giving you an example of how the wording is crossed. Finance means "the end." It means debt. An accountant is a steward and not someone that brings burdens. The goal is not to "end" your income but to create net profit strategies to help you grow.  

A tax accountant mostly focuses on taxes but see how taxes work they can help you plan through the year with accounting process management.  A tax preparer is not necessarily an accountant.  Tax preparation is reactive.  Tax planning is proactive.  Most people think an accountant can help them at the end of the year pay less in taxes after they did not properly plan all year.  Normally these people are surprised by the large tax bills and blame the tax preparer for missing some sort of deduction or credit.  However, you have to qualify for certain credits and deductions.  If you do not qualify the preparer can not take the deduction or credit.  The tax preparer also often works under experienced accountants.

I have people go to their financial advisor for tax advice instead of to their accountant. Note a tax preparer may not be about to help you with tax planning because their job is to prepare the returns.  Since people do not see accountants are those that analyze the heart of their business, they think we are only there for bookkeeping and therefore our prices always seem overinflated.  Although we bring together your business operations transactions into one place and we help you with budgeting and planning without bookkeeping. Today your software is the bookkeeper when you implement, use, and take action with accounting processes as in productive business management.

Financing means to spend, invest, and borrow and we know it today as investments.  When someone seeks out a finance major they are seeking to invest and normally you will be directed to how to use the funding for creating interest or some sort of return on your invested money.  As I researched what was going on with the understanding of the meaning of an accountant and financing, I see financing has taken over accounting.  Accounting is the head over financing because financing is only a portion of accounting.  Here is where people are misled thinking finance is the heart of the business.  In a couple of articles, we can see the confusion.

Accountable means to help someone stand firm and to take an assessment of their actions, thoughts, and desires.  In the scripts, we see them as prophets, Adoni's (this was translated as a judge but we did not have judges), shepherds, and other positions of YAH but they uphold a spiritual walk to YARAH (Torah).  Since investment is the very last thing the world has exhorted finance over Accounting.

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