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Making Things Simple a Trap to Limit Understanding PT 2

Please part 1 first. Part 1 has the same name without a PT. So let us look at the word’s wisdom, knowledge, and comprehension (under or overstanding).

When we see the words for wisdom portion of the meaning means to slow down.  Tarry as in taking the time to learn and turning it over and over not as in one that is slow-witted.  The Major traps of the wicked today are speed and overwhelm.  Speed as in everything needs to be done fast.  However fast does not work for analyzing.  Overwhelm creates a shutdown. So, the world piles things on so fast we what? Yes, we shut down.  I have learned in my business as well that if things are forced and people rush things something always goes wrong.  I am not blowing things out of proportion because in dealing with the GaYa we must have a shield of protection in place. So most people think that means good insurance or a good lawyer.  While I am not saying for most people those things are not helpful, they are costly.  I find that you can protect your business on the front end.  

A good steward learns we must protect our business(s).  A simpleton believes all will be well and they are lost in the abstract thought movement of faith.  The simpleton spends more on the back end of things while the proactive (steward) knows it begins with things like our Terms of Services, Scope of Services, Proposals, and other documents that lay out how we work together, and here is where the unfolding of words is important.  If you shorten these documents to “make it simple” you will pay later.  I learned the hard way from listening to the teachings of the GaYa.  Most children of the world will not tell you how much money they had to refund or if they have a net profit. 

Taking the time to learn and turn it over and over.  Wisdom strengthens as it builds us up from the inside by taking the time to build a foundation and rooting cycles called routines. You can hear the word rooting within the word routines.  Routines are laying and setting productive foundations that support your business.  Since we live in a world where people hate a slow beginning and only want the money, money, therefore, shooting to the highest level of sales but failing to have the heart of the business, accounting is also known as stewardship, set into place.  The world continues to fall for the deceptive practices of the financial managers or the financial market that is something completely different than stewarding your business. On the personal side, people are led to their spiritual starvation and spiritual deaths because the “keeping it simple.”  I began to question the scripts upon realizing that a long “word” would have one word attached and I could not understand why such a long word would only mean one thing.  YaH began to show me that what are called “words” are actually sentences.  And there are in fact deeper hidden meanings within our words and then covered up by modern Hebrew and other languages to bury the truth. 

Words control the mind, and the mind is the spirit of a man or woman.  The center is calling the LABA the LaMa and the BaTaw- the strong authority within the house of the temple or since our bodies are the temples it is the strong authority within the temples. Our heart center and the spirit.  A word controls emotions and people can lie about this, but many people know and overstand this and will use words to control people and situations.  Words are powerful so if explaining something is limited it will paint a negative picture causing those that do not research for themselves to follow the leading of the controlling spirit or spirits.  We also need to remember if something has an explanation does it make sense and what is the meaning of the words, they are used to condition you and inspire you.  The prideful have to pass on their spirits of pride because they cannot help it, they need someone to make in their image. Learn to direct your time so you must examine something before you add it into your life and I can tell you it will also increase your bottom line.

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