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Protecting Your Profits the Negotiator Series

A negotiator will cost many business owners profits because they like to find ways to pay less than the set price.  If you are in business not to earn a profit you are in an expensive hobby.  If you have the opportunity to be a business owner, set your mindset to earn profits.  When I say earn profits I do not mean to do anything to earn profit but learn the correct way to organize your business accounting processes, policies, and cash management to set pricing to earn enough to sustain and grow your business.  I don’t want you to get stuck in the “just earning enough” or thinking all you need is to break even.  If you choose just enough you will not grow like I would hope you want to grow.  Also, note that humility does not mean you cannot operate in honesty and know and recognize our true provider and giver of talents and earn a profit.  

I have met many people with false humility and those people seem humble but they really are avoiding a profit so they avoid taxes.  I am not saying I enjoy taxes either but the reality is we have taxes and the goal is to earn more than taxes.  Yes, it is possible. The problem with taxes is that the taxes due are the balance after your eligible deductions, so your taxes are not a percentage of your total sales unless you do not track deductions (eligible business expenses).  The problem is most people do not want to spend any money but they want to earn money.  Since those people seek everything for free or insanely low not only do they cheat other people they cheat themselves.  Attempting to bank everything you have or paying yourself all that you earn without spending will increase your taxes.  Hence why I had to move away from tax preparation because there are too many dishonest people who refuse to understand how the process works.  Therefore I cannot put myself at risk.   


Pricing is the starting place for growing your business.  If you are coming from a sales background as an employee, you may not realize there are costs associated with your sales and you must go beyond sales income.  Learn more about cost and expenses and learn more about net profit.  When I began business ownership I had much to learn as well.  Most people, even college people, are not trained in business ownership.  Spotting a negotiator was a major lesson I had to learn. No one warned me about this type of person so I want to ensure this with my fellow business owners.  Many will not want me to share this message because this is how they increase their bottom line.  Many dishonest business owners increase the bottom line by underpaying people or not paying at all and this is taught in major so-called rich or higher income circles.

Thank you for following along and I hope you will learn how to protect your profits!  

Part 1 Video

A negotiator is someone that believes they should have the lowest price.  In other words, they believe they have the power to control your prices and what you will provide.  Many of them will often get their way because most business owners want to satisfy the fear that comes with business ownership.  Many have seen a family member struggle while being a business owner or perhaps you have seen someone with a big business that was never around.  Being in business can be unsettling once you learn your salary is based on what you earn.  Many business owners also believe they can’t time off or turn down a sale.  Here’s where you have to have the faith to believe The Highest provides because to conquer that feeling will take faith.  

Spotting a negotiator that is trained in what they call the “art of a good deal” will leave you upset, overworked, and underpaid.  As I mentioned in the introductory blog, I had to learn about them the hard way.  When I speak to most people it’s almost like they believe you have to take on the ways of the world (lie, cheat, steal, or work yourself or someone else to death) to make a profit.  I want to show you that you can have working boundaries and create a profit and the first part of this process is spotting the negotiators. You will recognize a negotiator by their manipulative practices.

1.Negotiators look for reasons you should reduce your price.
2.Negotiators will ask for lower pricing. Always as either, they can not comprehend pricing or they do not care.
3.Negotiators want a pricing breakdown.
4. Negotiators will talk over you when you are trying to determine a price. So give pricing after you gather all the information and properly assess the project. Writing pricing is best.
5.Negotiators love the future promising. The promise of potential future services if you give them free or reduced work. "So they can see how you work." Manipulation.
6.Negotiators want to connect personally to collect information to use against you later. Keep business and personal separate.
7.Negotiators want to hang out so they can create friends and family discounts.
8.Negotiators will try to drag out multiple free meetings.
9.Negotiators will avoid normal business processes. (Narcissist and scapegoating spirit)
10.Negotiators love oral agreements. So they change things on you.
11.Negotiators love to get things for free.
12.Negotiators will ask for you to waive multiple fees.

Part 2- Audio

Part 3 Video- How to Stop the Negotiator

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