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How Business Owners Harm Their Profits
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Positive profits are essential to business ownership.

Positive profits are essential to sustaining a business. We will cover how business owners harm their profits in this blog. Audio blog. Most business owners do not realize that we repeat the same mistakes as those that failed in business before.  I have met people that expect to have more than one business as if that is part of the game.  I use the word “game” because I realize it is a game for some people.  But if you are a serious business owner, like I am, you may know you are in business. I know that I am in business because it is my calling by YAH.  

True gifting versus generic business impacts profits.

The generic business advice is tailored for the children of the world. I hear the same statements over and over. I can see someone's true gifting. But when I point out their true gifting I get common excuses. Excuses like, “that is not what everyone else is doing.”  Looking back on the past to improve on the future is how success is made.  Business owners do not have to fail at their businesses. But most people do not run a well-structured business with stewardship practices.  Most business owners run around in fear of losing money. So they do not have set schedules. And most do not have accounting procedures in place. This allows the client to push them around.

Limiting beliefs of the people of YAH.

If you claim to be a believer and live the scriptures, you may know or need to know we do not follow the ways of the world.  If you feel like the world knows the business field better than our YAH, you are already wrong.  Most people of YAH feel as if we cannot handle business. We feel that way because we are programmed to apply YARAH (teachings and pathway of YAH) in our personal lives but not in our trade (work).   

Hidden discrimination and racism.

My time in the office setting gave me insight into what people really think of my people. I was not aware that racism was still so widespread because no one talked about it. But they most certainly acted upon their hate.  I noticed a taught fear among certain family members that believed that certain people groups are smarter than other people groups of what they call color.  I soon realized that although I told them the truth, they automatically dismissed anything I said that was in opposition to their program. 

Dismissal of the truth of YHWH in business.

Business owners today are dismissing those of us that teach and live based on YARAH. Some recognize the teaching and others do not. But because they believe those that stand and walk in AMA NAH are religious nut cases they do not listen.  I have found that winning the battle over my profits is constant. Thankfully YAH is increasing me in strength and wisdom (YASHA YAHU (Isaiah) 40:29 KJV) daily. Through YARAH and comprehension and acknowledgment of what YHWH is teaching me.

Self-lead practices harm increase from YHWH.

We harm our profits and our business when we continue to learn the self-lead pathways.  People are teaching against YARAH and those are the things that block your increase from YAH.  I am not saying people will not receive an increase from blessing Mammon but that comes with a price.  Therefore, every time the people of YHWH set up something just like the world YHWH cuts it down.  We are to leave behind (drive out) the world practices. And once we turn back to YARAH we will fill the restoration only YAH's Salvation can give.  Yet, the people come together blaming the natural entities that YHWH used and repeating the same sins. Because most people are forever learning but failing to grasp the truth of YHWH they do not operate in, Chakam, the wisdom of YAH.

Partnering with those that conspire against us.

We harm our profits and our business when we continue to try and partner with those that knowingly or unknowingly conspire against us.  Whether we believe it or not there are very real spiritual-Ra la (disorder) forces that work against us through the hearts of people.   Ah-Mos (Amos) 8:5-7 KJV.  The only people that love the Sabbath are those of us that walk-in YARAH.  When building a business, I ran into many people that canceled services because I would not fold into their unreasonable requests.  

Accountants are reduced to financial managers in the world of business operations.

Today people do not have respect for accountants because accountant does not stand for accountability in most industries anymore. Instead, the world's version of an accountant has been reduced to chasing money – financial managers.  I did not realize until the end of 2021 that this was happening in my industry.  As I work with various clients, I also see how their fields have changed over the years reduced to liars and cheats running their industry.  What would happen if and when we stand against the practices of the children of mammon? The children of mammon are a conglomerate of demonic spirits (Leviathan) that use the money to seduce and trick.

Harming our profits.

We harm our profits and our business when we make purchases that we do not need because we do not wait on YHWH.  When others attempt to push me into doing things their way, I say I will wait on YHWH, and I was told “some of us cannot wait on YAH.”  Since this is the case, I know I can reference the prophets as to the direction the people went. Today is living proof that doing your own thing does not work.  I have learned that people believe their way works. Although they complain about all the things that are causing them to be harmed. Most complaints consist of physical illness, mental strain, and stress. Those that complain include those that earn large profits.

The preference for dishonest accountants and I refuse.

We harm our profits when we believe we must operate in dishonesty to make things work.  There are some people that refuse to report all business income and accurately keep records to support their business spending.  Most people want to write off expenses without detail and under-report income.  I recently realized that people look for accountants that will turn their heads to their wrongdoing and participate.  I am not one of those accountants and I let go of these people.  My work is not to assist the dishonest but to support the honest.  

Since the spiritual law of reaping and sowing is real those that sow dishonesty will reap dishonesty. Spending time with dishonest practices will cost more in the long run.  Although doing the right thing seems to take time and cost more in the beginning it is worth the work. In the beginning, there is an investment of time and monetary wise with implementing honest systems to support your business.  YAH loves to see the plumb line (rod of correction and staff of power) laid. Laying the plumb line meant measurement and walking in the appointed direction as in his YARAH.  By implementing YAHs instructions into our business, we will deliver better services and products. Services and products that will turn a more honorable productive fruit in return.

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