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Accounting and Business Process Optimization Part 1

We live in a society where it is normal to be overworked and over-scheduled.  Balance is looked at as slothful (lazy would not fit here learn more on this blog).  I was experiencing burnout when I realized that I was busy, and not productive. Busy because I had numerous fires burning but minimal completed projects.  I get frustrated when something keeps me from completing projects. Surprisingly it is apparently the norm today to get something started and abandon it. Especially If it does not feel good or does not earn money right away.  Consistent action with wisdom renders a product or service that you can offer. I received the vision regarding accounting and business process optimization.

Organize and Take Action More than Talk

Being organized is essential to your profits, and many people think that means it takes away their creative freedom.  However, being a profitable business owner requires the ability to say no to things that suck your time.  Time suckers kill time without little manifestation.  There is a proverb that I live by "In all labor there is profit but the wicked desire to destroy with talk. Proverbs 14:23 KJV.  Summarized as too much talk and no action lend to poverty or when we look at this Proverb in the OBARYAM (original Hebrew) we see it means those that are outside of YAH work to separate people from YAH and seek to bring us to nothing with their empty and vain talk.  Now we also must combine this with planned activities and you will see a business with ordered steps.  You can also focus on the required business tasks, including accounting.

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Accounting is about more than bookkeeping and taxes.

You cannot discount accounting to bookkeeping only because you will miss out on the benefits of accounting.  Your accounting and accountant help you determine the direction of your business processes.  As your business grows, your accountant can help you with tax planning, cost and expense management, forecasting, profit strategies, business management, business growth, software (application) development, and use.  When would you have time to analyze your business by working these processes into your business?

Automation is beneficial to accounting and business process optimization.

Many people are stuck in the old way of thinking about business. Most often they will fight the automated processes that I can show them to help them add these valuable tasks into their lives.  Did you know your accounting tasks are essential, but they do not have to take all of your time either?  Instead of thinking it takes too much time and eliminating necessary accounting steps I can show you how to add these things into your business.  

If you follow other business owners who have no idea what they earn or what they spend, you will remain one of those roller coaster business owners.  You will experience unnecessary ups and downs in your business.  I like to find ways to ensure I am not so sensitive to the economy or other people's poor decisions.  Meeting compliance requirements and optimizing your business flow will help to maintain your business and keep your outside costs low.  Investing in my time to provide you with accounting training, services, courses, and training will save you money in the long run.

Learn more about the latest accounting course. "Implementing Accounting Into Your Business." Disorganization is the killer of profits.

Today, I will introduce you to the concept of a CRM- Customer Relations Manager.  Keeping up with communication will impact profits.  If you desire to see an increase in profits tracking communications and services will keep you moving upward.  You will be surprised how many people end up with free services because they can trick others into thinking you did not deliver on time or they did not get your emails, or they did not see your invoice.  Protect your profits with systems that help you see and monitor communication.  We will discuss my favorite Zoho CRM.  I have used many solutions over the years and although it is not perfect works for me and I can customize (limited of course) to most of my needs.  Why is your accountant talking about CRM?  Because what is sales without customers?

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