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Nice Pricing and Profits
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The business "blessings," nice pricing, and profits

The business "blessings."

Have you ever run into business owners that use their business to “be nice” or to “bless” someone else?  Yes, I know most people love to take advantage of them. And they usually have a negative profit every time.  A job priced to take 2 hours takes 6 hours, but the price does not increase, so the labor rate doesn’t match the price.  When we give six hours we are losing out on at least one additional client.  I can understand occasionally gifting but your business is not a means to write off your gifts to others, in fact, you cannot write off that time or money lost.  Also, you have to let go of people that believe you need to reduce your pricing for them every time.  Negotiation and future faking can cause extreme damage to your profits.   

When business owners believe any sale is a good thing.

Many business owners are also mentally conditioned to believe any sale is a good thing.  If you have sales but you still need to seek other means to pay bills is a problem.  No, that is not standard business practice it is a formula for business failure.  Starting more than one business at once is costly and unless you have the funding to support new business before you receive the income you cannot price nicely.

Negotiators love nice pricing and profit destruction.

Nice pricing makes you a target for negotiators.  They know if they appear nice to you that you will reduce your pricing.  I have had many clients like this and frankly, it is time to call them out on their stuff.  You need to stand firm in your pricing and let them know you understand if they need to move on to someone else and let them go.  You cannot complain if they underpay you.

Dishonest people love nice pricing and profit elimination.

Dishonest people love "nice" people because their false humility, narcissism, and pride lead them to believe they should get what they want on their terms so they will often pretend they can not afford pricing or the full workload. Do not feel sorry for these people because you will find later they will flaunt how they got over in your face. You can spot them they start out with how they made so little money for the year. Let this ungrateful person move on to another target.

Nice pricing and profits

The flip side of nice pricing and profits.

We also need to look at the flip side of this nice pricing.  If you are someone expecting someone to give you discounts because you are nice to them or they seem nice you should be surprised when they find a way to make up that money lost from you.  Someone has to foot the bill and people need to understand what drives dishonesty in others.  I not saying it is right because the right thing is not to accept your project and move on to someone who is willing to pay their pricing.  As the client, you do not set the business owner's pricing.

Giving away is a religious practice promoting nice pricing.

Back to the business owner side of things.  You have to know and understand your profits to be successful.  "Giving" away too much is a religious practice that seems to work for most people.  Have you ever looked up the etymology of nice?  The meaning of nice has changed over the years, but originally nice meant stupid.  Yes, I know that does not feel good, so stop gifting things that ABA YAH means for us to use to earn money.  

We have spiritual gifts for earning money and spiritual gifts for service to ABA YAH.  Service to ABA YAH is teaching his word known as the seed, the bread, the water, the life.  We share that freely but in the world, today people are charging for what needs to be free and giving away what they should charge for and this is the reason you seem to have to work so hard for so little.

Getting things in order cutting nice pricing and increasing profits.

Getting things in order will help us to see that nice pricing is the same as giving away your means of income.  Most people who believe in nice pricing steam from the spiritual deception and belief that will receive an increase later. This belief normally results in them having to seek funding from someone else that YAH did not mean them to use. I have also found that these people believe in negotiations. You can read more about negotiations in my blog series.  The impact of this spiritual belief is creating a snowball of putting people in error with YAH.  

Earning income as opposed to funding is where we gain the blessing.  YAH said if you walk in his ways he will increase the "work" of our hands.  He did not mean with the lie of spiritual gifts only.  Also seeking spiritual gifts is impacted by who you are gifting.  If you are gifting based on your self-righteous principles you are most likely giving to the wrong people. And this is called broken cisterns or in common terms today a hole in the pocket. A hole in the pocket is what I call money leaks.

Discern when, what, and how much to give or a discount requires planning.  Giving on a whelm will harm your profits in the long run.  We are supposed to give out of a place of overflow because we cannot give from a place of emptiness and brokenness.

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