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I am offering accounting and business management assistance through accountant email consultations.

Accounting consultations are a large part of my business—accounting email consultations. Get answers to your questions about accounting, business management, and business process optimization. My assignment as an accountant is to work with the business owner side by side as you walk out your business vision and assignment.  Most business owners miss out on the benefit that most accountants can provide with guidance and stewardship that help you increase and protect your profits.  Most questions do not need a full consultation hence the offer of email questions for accountant consultations.  Here is where my new email program will work for you.  I have tested this program over time, and it has proven there are clients that benefit from email advice.  

Pricing for the email accountant consultations

$68.00 pay as you go you 2 questions per month. I will respond via email. But you can purchase phone or video call consultations in addition. I offer quick illustrations in the form of video tutorials or audio recordings to assist you with implementing your answer to your questions.  Knowledge is power. 2 questions that you can ask within a 30-day period from your purchase date.  

Scope of Services

Your questions cannot take more than 15 minutes each (30 minutes total) to research and or create a video or audio response when necessary.   

Why do I need to research?

  1. Each business owner is different.
  2. Accounting regulations can change.
  3. Tax laws and tax regulations change.  

The video or audio is not optional. If you desire to lower the price or add to the questions limit this is not an option.

Delivery Formats for the accounting consultation via email.

  1. Email response.
  2. Video link in the email response.
  3. Audio recording in the email response.

Terms of Services:

No refunds.  If you do not have 2 questions in the 30-day period, you will have a credit against a future period or service.  

The email accounting consultations allow you, the business owner, to email 2 questions within a 30-day period from your date of purchase.  The response to each question cannot take longer than 15 minutes to compile.  Some responses will be answered with short videos or audio recordings.  Questions a Month for $68.00.  Private and fits within anyone's schedule.  Most responses will be returned within 3 business days, except for weekends, or closings.  If you submit your question on Friday, you will receive an answer on the following Tuesday (there are exceptions). Also, see the "General Terms of Services."


Required Step 1: Complete the Terms of Services and Refund Policy Acknowledgment. Expires every year.

Step 2: Purchase Your Email Sessions. Note that I will cancel purchases without acknowledgment.

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