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Protecting Your Profits The Terms of Services

Author: Y. Michelle Coard - 2/14/2022

The term of service is the overall standard of a business.  The general terms will drill down to a specific service and then a scope of services.  

The Low-Profit Business Owner's Mindset

“Why do we need so many different forms? I want to make things “simple”, so I do not miss the money.” -The mindset of most business owners.

Keeping it "Simple" is costing us.

Stop and read more about the simple trap.  “Simplicity” is costing us money people because simplicity means leaving out steps. People do not want to deal with anything that they deem “extra.” Which really leaves you, the business owner, open to deceptive practices.  People have learned that if you do not have guidelines in place, they can demand whatever they want. They can twist the truth. And they can find ways to have you refund all of their money. So instead of earning money, you pay them more money.  Why would you pay someone to be a client?  There is a scrip that says light comes to the simple with the unfolding of words.  Keeping things short and simple has made people simpletons and increased the snares and traps from the thieves.

Protecting your profits terms of services?

I am not forcing anyone to add these protection features to your business.  Note that I am recommending (suggestion) guidelines to shield you from what I have found over time that protects my profits.  I will warn you, that when my initial implementation happened, I lost clients. And it reduced my new clients' onboarding, but my bottom-line net profit increased!  Joyfully my stress level was reduced. I had fewer unpleasant experiences and a loss of money from clients that were not the right fit.  The risk assessment is reduced when we admit everyone is not our client.  Our business assignment is for earning income and it is not for everyone.  Our business assignments help others (paid help), but some people will not benefit from our services.

My purpose is to help you increase and protect your profits.

Since I know my true purpose I know the world’s view of “accounting” is not what ABA YAH created accounting.  I am empowered with this knowledge. Now it helps me protect those that want to trap honest business owners.  People use money to control other people.  Building a business that protects my profits began with having a term of services, refund policies, and scope of services. And therefore my clients also benefit.  When someone screams, they want to sue often they have forgotten they signed the paperwork. I am delivering according to my Terms of Services and my Scope of Services. The person that commonly "forgets" about the agreements does not expect us to hold them to our terms.

I had to change my revenue outlook.

Changing my outlook from revenue inflow (sales) to seeking a beneficial increase. I seek a positive bottom line now.  In other words, having to process sales refunds or returns is not a successful sale.  I want to increase through obedience, not by shady works.  I learned that we are not to chase money. Not chasing money has brought more of our needs in response from ABA YHWH and reflects into a sustainable business.  

Those that see money as their strength will not understand. I know my help comes from above. And as long as I walk in obedience then all other things will be given to me!    Remembering these documents will allow you the opportunity to build the vision the Highest YHWH has for you. You can build this vision without fear that your business will be taken from you. Taken from you by some dishonest child of the spirit of the world.


When should you send out the terms of services?  Before or after the invoice?


The terms of services are part of your sales offer.  The client needs the option to review the terms of services. The client needs to have the opportunity to accept or deny your offer before you invoice.  

"But that could cause me to lose a client?"  

Possibly because if someone does not agree with your policies they have the option to say, "no".  If you charge the client without the terms of service they have the option to reverse charges. And most people do not know they also have the option to reverse a check payment. The merchant or the bank also takes extra money out so, in the end, you lose money. You lose money because you did not give them the options upfront.  I agree because I hate it when people try to force me into something.  We all have the right to make a choice. Most merchant accounts require the Terms of Services and the Refund policy signatures of receipt now. 

Being upfront with your clients and setting boundaries brings increased income but also sustainability.

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