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Unspoken Business Agreements Part 1

Many business owners are experiencing communication problems with unspoken business agreements and expectations.  When I speak with people, I expect to hear the truth about what they are thinking and what they expect. I voice and record the vision to make it plain from my side. But most people want us to read their minds and most people think it is better not to say anything and lash out at the person instead.

I know there is some spiritual teaching behind that thinking and the first thing that comes to my mind is the false doctrine of the law of attraction.  I have noticed as well that the “my truth” movement and the thought movement have taken over and people coming into business now believe they can think and believe whatever they want, and people will follow.  You can share your truth, but reality calls for written agreements and ignoring an agreement will cost you.

Oral Agreements Contribute to unspoken business agreements.

I am one to think and trust in the Highest YHWH, of course. And I also know he is an Alohym of order. ABA YHWH says to write down agreements unless people will falsely accuse us.  I do not go with the oral agreements alone. In our biblical culture we know we must have paperwork and order in business.  Although the disorganized business owners can still earn income, they must work harder than others. And we live in a world that glorifies disorganization by calling it freedom.  

Dishonesty and oral agreements.

I can tell you from experience dishonest people love oral agreements but if you want to stay profitable it is time to implement guidelines and policies and enforce them. I have worked for many companies that they have writing policies but they are there for show or to apply against certain people.  Credit card companies are requiring business owners (you the merchant) to have written policies for the terms of services and refund policies because disputes are on the rise.  Many dishonest people realize they can make more money from cheating and lying because the business owner did not have a written agreement to prove otherwise.  People pretend they did not receive the service or product to get a refund. 


The setting expectation is key to controlling unspoken business agreements.

Setting expectations helps the client understand the deliverable, and what they will receive from you.  I have heard people say no one reads those. So the person that does not read the agreements should not be surprised when I enforce a violation of my agreements.  Ignoring written agreements will not stop the validity of the agreement.  Also, it will limit false claims against the business owner to get free services and products.  

Accounting and business agreements.

Why am I, an accountant, writing about agreements?  Because business owners lose money when we do not have proper accounting procedures in place.  Accounting manages the processing of the payments received after the agreement is accepted.  Accounting works with managing the applications for receiving sales payments and bookkeeping. So, in accounting, we manage according to the terms that come through sales agreements.  When a client does not pay do you have a system to track who is behind? Do you have reminders to go out?

Sales revenue management reduces late payment collections.

Accounts-receivable is the correct terminology for managing and tracking sales.  Invoicing through an accounting application like Zoho Books has helped to save me time and money. I also like that Zoho Books provide client portals so clients can manage payment methods and see unpaid or paid invoice history.  My software is also set up to send out weekly reminders for non-payments and email receipts for payments.  

Since my services are tax-deductible business expenses the receipts are the client's record for proof of payment.  Pricing is very affordable for a small business owner as the cost of hiring a collection agency is costly over time.  Also, smaller business owners may not be a good fit for a larger collection agency as they seek clients over a certain income level.  Income discrimination is real, and it can harm a business owner that has income but does not fit into the unreasonable range of classifications.

Unspoken business agreement between employer and employee.

Unspoken agreements appear in the employee and business owner hiring processes as well.  I have experienced this situation multiple times.  The process of unspoken expectations is becoming more and more apparent today. And more people are reporting dishonest practices today. People have had enough of dishonest treatment.  Well, looking at the working setup of the employment “arrangement” people look at their employer as their “provider.”  

Who is your provider?

Are employers your provider?  If so, here is where people give them power over them.  As far as I know, we only have one provider and why would he put you or us in arrangements that would appear we are to worship an employer.  Looking at laws and rights the employer has the right to control employees. In North Carolina and most states, employers can fire at well.  Fire at will means whether you do something right or wrong they can fire you when the employer chooses.  They do not need a reason.  However, of course, there are certain exclusions protected under other laws.

An employer can pretty much do what they want as long as it is not, what?  Written or recorded they can enforce oral laws and guess what?  Other people will help them!  When you work as an employee you have to expect that your time is not yours.  You have sold that time to them, and they can control that time.  Here we can see a major difference between an employee and a consultant.  

A consultant versus an employee.

Although you pay for time when the time is available is up to the consultant and normally this is laid out in the scope of services.  I notify people I will work you into my workflow.   Often there are ongoing projects waiting for other clients to respond.  Once I notice this opening, I can begin another project or follow up on other projects to see where they are.  Since a consultant or contractor needs multiple clients to create the income an employee would earn from one employer.  But we know today many people have to have multiple jobs to earn the salaries they need.  

Unspoken employer work expectations.

So I have seen people pay me a bit of money for agreed-upon services and expect, unspoken, additional time at no charge.  The employer did the same thing as I was to work 40 hours, but the job took up to 60 hours a week.  If we said we could not handle the work psychological abuse would now come into play as well as some underhanded play to get me or others fired.  Here is the reason most people can not stay at jobs for long burnout is real.  Overworked and underpaid is real.

Business freedom is more than vacation spot pictures.

Business freedom for me means that I do not have to work under abusive circumstances.  My creativity is not locked into someone else's ideas. I can better protect my ideas and production. We are to support each other and not increase our wealth by crushing someone else. I know this means I can support someone all while still building my business.  Service does not mean I must shut down my business(s) and my assignments to make someone else’s dream work.  I have the authority and strength from the Highest Power YHWH to operate in HIS plans with HIS people.  So unspoken agreement is not of YHWH.  We say what we mean, and we mean what we say and we do not intend to “get over” on people as we know this breaks the MATSAWAH of ABA YAH.  

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