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Accountability in Business

Real Date: 3/20/2022

The Truth About Scape Goating and accountability in business are important to the business owner because protecting your business is essential.

Stumbling Upon "Scape-Goating."

I ran across the scape-goating process in an article in February 2021. While on a search to find the reason people thought it was okay to blame other people for their errors. The question was, "who is accountable in business today?"  I thought how insane and prideful to believe you can blame someone for something you clearly did.  The person knew they were wrong, but they preferred to pretend it was someone else’s fault. And this carried over later into the year.  

Many people wait until time passes after you tell them something and they do the opposite.  Normally to spite you because people have a problem with the spirit of rebellion.  Although in wholeheartedness my goal is to help others there is a problem with the pride giants.  There are many pride giants, but the biggest class is currently Narcissist.  They are everywhere and contrary to the lie that it is only 1 percent of the population. Sounds like a narcissist posted that statistic.  A pride giant may not necessarily be a “narcissist” but pride is a problem.  The scrips of YAH tell us about pride.

Pride and accountability in business.

People know pride is not good.  So false humility runs ramped.  People also confuse pride with confidence in ABA YAH.  Because ABA has shown me who I am through him, the prideful person calls it prideful to know who I am.  Why?  A sound mind is gained through seeking ABA YAH. One way is through abiding with ABA YAH on SABATAW (7th Day of Reset/Rest).  Yes, works of faith and salvation through obedience to ABA YAH.  Once my mind was made like HAMASHA (whom the world calls Christ) I was able to see through the lies of the pride giants.

Supposedly the Origin of this Psychological Process and accountability in business.

Scape-goating falsely takes the view that in the scrips ABA YAH told our people to place the sins of the people onto the “scape” goat and send it out into the woods for sacrifice Leviticus Chapter 16.  The twisting of this scrip originates from the translations of scrip.  Pride believes in reframing and changing the view of what they see without first verifying what they see.  So, although it is reframed the roots are not reviewed to determine what they are reframing and if it should be called out instead of praised.  Let me explain.

The goat from scrips is called the weapon.  The weapon is a kicked-out MALAKA (angel) that headed the other kicked-out weapons to sin against ABA YAH.  They taught wickedness to men and women.  The weapon was the one sent to take out the wicked instead he chose to become the leader.  Therefore, the one that spearheaded and caused sin receives the blame that he so rightly deserves.  Therefore, the goat is not being falsely accused or blamed for he was and is the root cause.  

Clarity of the Meaning.

Today “scape” goating originated to mean someone that is the one in error or in sin that caused the problem and puts the responsibility on another person so that they feel good about themselves. They feel that they can now take out their anger on the other person (the scapegoat) and this results in psychological abuse of the other person or people so this person can keep their pride intact.  Scapegoating is the process of bearing false witness against another and then “punishing” them according to their self-righteousness.  

Clearly, we have two different things happening here.  Looking at this in business today scape-goating has resulted in most cases as the customer getting “free” items for poor behaviors by the customer or client.  Often people pretend they did not cause a problem from their rebellion and games so they can control and demand some type of payment or reward by doing so and this is harming many business owners.

Accountability in business

Protecting profits and getting clear on accountability in business.

My calling is to protect our profits.  Protecting profits would begin with sorting out the leaks.  What things big or small are leaking out of our cash flow? The leak is causing more to go out than held preventing us from increasing our net profits.  Many people do not see the leak inside out they believe the cause of low profits is low sales.  However, if you cannot properly hold and manage the income it does not matter how much you sell and earn.

So, do you allow people to continue to harm your business?  I say no as this is my means of income.  I found that people lack care and respect for others and so they will continue attempting to break you down to build themselves up.  Pride again does not care, and this spirit eventually evolves into envy, a malicious spirit that lashes out at people.

Keeping it simple and accountability in business.

I know people want to make sales “simple”.  Thinking simple is a trick in itself as it means stupid.  So, we do not need stupid.  So, you may say, “well easy.”  Sure, but did not know that having processes in places such as Terms of Services and Scope of Services and Refund Policies made easily available will lower the number of future promises, disputes, scapegoating returns, and returns overall.  Refusing to negotiate and standing firm on your pricing will also increase your bottom line.

We are responsible for our wealth so when we do not protect our profits with beneficial processes, we will lose money and we have many examples of businesses closing down.  Have you ever met someone that said they were earning money and then next thing you know they closed?  Mostly because they were earning money but managing the money is another thing and normally, they close with debt.  Business owners operate on the false teaching that we do not have what we need for each phase from the Creator. The person seeking to blame others because of this failure will be very jealous of someone with a sustainable business and therefore will attempt to duplicate your business for themselves.

The first line of defense begins with accountability in business.

Having Terms of Services and Ethics agreements in place will assist with protecting your information spiritually and legally.  The spiritual protection is stronger than the legal as ABA YAH said he will increase the work of your hands and anyone attempting to steal from you is in sin.  So, the documentation and marking ownership with your name matters it is a copyright mark without spending thousands of dollars.  

Defeating a scapegoater will begin with documentation.  Yes, you will need the documentation with their signature to show proof when they threaten to “sue.”  They do this a lot as it is the same as a tantrum from a child.  I want it I want this now!  Never mind I caused the problem and completely blew this up with a refusal to respect you and listen as to how to use the product or the scope of services and things I need to do.  We are adults here so a document showing you told them and showed them is important.  Most of them back out once I showed video recordings and documentation that was sent to them along with signed sales documents.

Standing strong will automatically create accountability in business.

Protect your sanity as these people will also attack you personally.  Watch the negotiator series to see their tactics to harm other business people.  Negotiator means pain.   

I am posting the video of the article I reviewed back in 2021 but now I can see how I also thought the scapegoat was a real thing.  Today I see it for the lie it is to help prop up the pride giants.  They love to reframe and blame all aspects of life.  Protect your business calling.  

The Old Video so you see an article. Note I know better today that what is happening in the article is blaming others for the person's error or sins and this does not align with what is happening in the scrips.     

The proper use of the article in this video is for education purposes. I do not own the rights to the article.

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