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Customer Service Verses People Pleasing

Reformed people pleaser questions customer service today.

As a reformed people pleaser, I can tell you that pride is not what drives this sin.  However, after years of defending ourselves, we could become prideful if we do not correct our focus but that is not the case if we seek out the HaMashiach YAHUSHUA. 

What do the scrips say?

Galatians 1:10 KJV-  For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I am yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of HaMashiach.

  1. The sin of people-pleasing is the focus is on people instead of YAH and that breaks the 1st and 2nd MATSHAWAH (Exodus 20). 
  2. We began to focus our lives on whatever is the controlling force and normally that person is a prideful person.  The prideful person's sin is that they worship themselves and expect everyone around them to worship them.  I can say I have struggled with this from first in the home as a narcissistic (prideful) parent and that created the people's pleasure spirit. 
Magnifying Glass

Examining begins.

Once I became a business owner over the years, I realized that customer service looked more like customer pleasing. So much so that people would say things like "the client is always right." Although they clearly were not always right. I wondered when this took over. Most importantly this is crushing the small business owner's profits. Why? Because the small business owner can not afford crazy insurance policies. Also, the big business has other products or companies that can replace the income that they may lose from dishonest customers/clients.

Protecting our business profits.

We have to protect our profits. Business ownership is not a game to me and to entrepreneurs. Ownership in my business provides freedoms that I did not have as an employee. Personally being able to be home with my children and manage my household is a gift from the ABA YAH! I enjoy being home. I also want the freedom to allow my creativity to flow through my business. I also have the time for services unto YAH through my other teachings. See Fully Submitted 2 YHWH.

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