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The Controlling Client Chokehold Will Harm Profits

Strange things are happening.  People argue for no reason and most people are easily offended.  The worst yet is people that force or project their thinking onto others.  I realized, upon YAH giving me full sight that I was able to finally gain full comprehension (as in seeing and comprehending the big picture) according to YAH’s revelation. The controlling client and profits confict.

I was able to listen for certain words to help me to spot a psychological mind control freak that attempting to persuade me into coming into agreement with them.  Others give you talks or tell you what they believe you need to know, and they lead you into spiritual traps.  What do I mean?

A snare and trap are mental or spiritual (SHAMA) in our heritage.  We know and the Greeks know that the mind is the heart seat, the connection to the SHAMAYAMA (the realm of the winds or spirits. The spirits that the Greeks refer to we know as spirits of disorder, dysfunction, and dysfunction.) We know them as pushy or passive-aggressive tricksters or that those that love them lovingly or blindly call them tricksters as if it is a good thing.  Either word explains something that happens in our lack of knowledge, and comprehension of the full pictures.  Today’s world is consistently attempting to force us to come into agreement with them.  People that force their thoughts and beliefs on us will also devalue others as they feel they are superior to others even when they have no idea what we do.

Why is coming into spiritual agreements important?

Coming into an agreement is a support system binding together for a purpose including work. Often people love to push people together and make them form a team. A team is the same thing as an agreement or what the world calls like-minded people. However, a person’s root system differences cause issues for the team. I know many times working with people that believe they must have other people working for them although they cannot afford to pay them is a root system problem.

A root system problem from the heart is that people serve them, and we know this as pride. So, this person will not carry their share of the workload, but they will gladly put their name on the completed project.  Or if something goes wrong, they will gladly blame the other team members and say, “I tried to tell them.” The world is full of prideful people today so it is inevitable to run into these people, but you can guard yourself as YAH tells us. A fool will get trapped in their own foolishness.

People with one-sided views.

People that believe everyone thinks like them will function on their thoughts even when you tell them that is not your belief system.  When you explain what you mean this person still hears what they believe, and they operate as such.  Many people may become angry and call someone setting boundaries/limits a problem or controlling.  People have called me “controlling” at times because I did not conform to their desires.  I have proven through experience when I allow people to tell me how to do my job something always went wrong. And guess who got the blame.  I had to learn that I am the one with the experience and knowledge. So I must stand firm on that.  I have tested and created processes that work. And, I have the knowledge and experience of the things that did not work.  The controlling client chokehold feels like you do it my way or else.

I literally felt like spiritually I was forced into this client type's whirlwind. Since normally chaos is present with the controlling client's chokehold it will harm profits.

Willing to change.

I am willing to test and learn over time. Being willing to test before implementing has proven helpful as this process builds wisdom.  I also have the ability to create processes for individuals.  Most people believe accounting is so limited that they miss the gifts we hold to help create, develop, grow, and sustain a profitable business.  

One mind fits all forced thinking.

The one-mind-fits-all choke-hold makes these people difficult to work with and will often end up in a tug of war.  Most of them will use insults and manipulation to coerce people into doing what they want us to do.  This person loves people pleasers and therefore they harm our profits.  This person wants and demands what they want whether aggressively or passive-aggressively and they expect you to be weak or desperate enough to conform.  

Stick to your boundaries.

The answer is to be confident the Highest will send another client.  Stand firm in your skills and knowledge.  Set and keep boundaries and do not allow them to push your limits.  Eventually, they will leave, or you need to cut them loose.        


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