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Customer Service Versus People-Pleasing Part 2

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Customer service versus people pleasing is an essential topic for the business owner. The business world consists of confusing the two and it is harming profits. Today I am not afraid to uphold my boundaries. My goal with this series is to help you uphold your boundaries and therefore increasing your profits while working with different client types.

The Controlling Client

The controlling client root system stems from a personal need to control everyone around them. Normally they have a double standard that their rules do not apply to them. But you better not violate their rules and boundaries. The controlling client will disregard and disrespect your boundaries and limits. Hence it can turn into a tug of war to complete assignments. Most of them want you to do things that go outside the scope of services and terms of services.

The controlling client ignores your boundaries.

The controlling client will attempt to back others into their systems as if we are their employees. As a business owner, you are not to use their systems. Did you know the "teams" applications are a way for people to track their employees? Most people will post and expect a response at any time without regard for your working hours or your workload. As business owners, we control our work and our time. The client is charged for any expense related to you doing business that you add to your cost of goods sold or your cost of services sold. Learn more about pricing in my pricing course.

You will need to set boundaries If you want a balance between working and communicating with the client and your other life activities. Believe me, this person will push and pull you around and will rarely allow you time to work with other clients. You are not an employee, therefore, we must stand firm with our business hours. You will have to work through the fear of losing clients when you set and keep your boundaries. Please note they will harm your profits with their controlling spirit.

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