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The Business Owner Position in the Business

The small business owner knows our position in business is action-oriented. We are more than the investors. Did you know as an accountant I am able to walk with you through this process? Accounting and business management go together. Does the business owner position in the business mean investor only?

The world is caught up in an unproductive mindset of “creating” and pushing off the work.  Many people will use someone else’s idea and excuse this spiritual theft with the phrase “do not reinvent the wheel."   Others believe in taking someone else’s idea and “making it better.” Copycats add their ideas and then sell the entire idea as theirs.  Okay yes, we can see the dishonest practices here.  Learn how to do business the honest way. 

The Accountant's Calling

Part of my calling is to help you return to the pathway of YAH in business.  We operate within his standards and light in all aspects of life.  You will receive a reward for the trickery although you know it is wrong for you. You will receive the increase from spiritual workers of darkness to help encourage you to continue in sin.  Also, do not compromise by saying, "I will only do it once."  You will still receive spiritual repercussions. I am a steward so I help you steer your business for success. The number one goal that most business owners desire is a profitable and sustainable business. Who wants a business that is going to drain the life out of you?  

My Gifting

My gifting helps me to work with you in creating and maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

  1. I can see your calling.
  2. I can help you navigate the gifting ABA has placed in you to build your business.  
  3. I am also given the ability to see a weapon and a tool.  
  4. I can see a weapon or tools in the sense of the things that will harm or benefit our businesses.

Breaking the dependency mindset.

Next, are you thinking, “I need people to do this so it will take off?”

…STOP that is how the spirit of the world operates.  Many people do not walk in their assignments. Because people either believe they need people to do certain jobs or their ego says certain jobs are below them.

You must start first, then as you can grow you can hire people as your budget grows.    Growing a sustainable business does not mean a poverty mindset.  Instead growing too fast creates poverty.  Sustainability does not mean brokenness. If you are thinking, "I am only doing this so I can play for the rest of my life."  No, we were not meant to retire.

The business owner position in the business and the accountant

The business owner position in business is to know how your business functions.

So, we must start with your business function before we can hire people.  The function is the action as in steps or processes we need to implement to operate our business?  The function of creation is work and we manifest our thoughts/vision through processes and cycles.  A cycle is not the same thing as being stuck and going in circles.  We need to understand what we need to create, grow, and maintain a sustainable and profitable business continually. We want to create profitable income and learn from unprofitable outcomes. When we properly assess what is working and what is not working we can eliminate those that create a loss. And use what we learned to improve the profitable cycles.  Continually operating in unprofitable or beneficial outcomes is going in circles.  

Therefore, going in circles and cycles are different.   Hence you have heard “I need to break this cycle." We need to specify that we are breaking an unproductive cycle that making us all over the place.  Organized chaos is sarcasm because people know chaos is never organized.   

The business owner position in business includes delegation.

You can delegate once we have a grasp on what we need to run our business. Note you need the money to afford to properly pay for help.  Here is where business management comes in first.  “Wait!  Do I need to hire a business manager?”  No, you are the business manager.  The business owner is the business manager.  I know the world teaches us the owner is above the business manager. But this is a psychological way to give over your business to another person.  The person essentially controls your business while you foot the bill.

the business owners position in the business and business management

Who is the business manager?

Do you see who the “Business manager,” is in the picture above? "Their company" would be the business owner. The business owner's position in business is the business manager.  We have allowed prideful teachings to make people believe they should be playing while others "work" to run their business. If certain groups catch you working, you must be what?  Insert whatever demeaning labels you have heard.  

I know work keeps us sharp and moving therefore I respect workers.  

Business management is the function.  The business manager is the person executing the function of business management.

The accountant and the business owner position in the business flow chart

How the Accountant Works with the business owner.

How the accountant and the business owner position in the business work together flowchart

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