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Business Planning Tips How to Begin and Leaving Room to Pivot

Business planning sadly too many business owners can be stressful. Many people see it as an exact process. When business planning leaves room to pivot. Things change and I often wonder is there a way to “plan” for the unexpected?  No hence the reason it is called the unexpected.  But we need to leave room in plans for things to happen. Leave room to pivot as in open to a change of your plans.  Rarely do things go exactly as planned. I have learned to rejoice and be thankful for the things I accomplish.  Often, I think I need to do more.  I have learned within the meaning of our days of the week the Highest instructs us to stop and reflect.  

The fourth day of the week is RABAOYA. The name means the watcher reviews the increase and movement of the house. We know this day as Wednesday but the original name has so much more meaning. Stop and access where we are with our assignments.   When I follow that pattern of review and assess mid-week. I see I have accomplished more than I thought all through My Heavenly Father’s flowing power of wisdom.  Guided wisdom is indeed to produce more than even I can imagine.  Steady pace to accomplish goals.

When life happens it teaches me lessons that I appreciate.

The last couple of weeks proved the benefits of reflection. If I do not stop and reflect I will push myself to the breaking point. I push myself thinking I need to do more.  Learning that wisdom, building, and sustaining takes time and consistency is what I strive for.  I also learned that there will be times I need to step away from the business. And I will need to fully focus on home and ministry.  So, working with flexible plans and tracking where I left off help me to return once again to consistency.  My lesson is not to stuff my schedule so full I cannot think.  I accomplish more with planned-paced submission.  I love the pathway laid by the Highest Power!

“Make room for the unexpected and watch how it still unfolds as part of an ordered plan!” Y. Michelle 

I must make up my mind to see the goodness even in highly stressful.  Unexpected normally are highly stressful situations.  In many cases, I was able to continue working through difficult seasons. And thankfully I have had clients say they could not tell anything was going on in the background.  However, recently I entered a situation that is taking all my focus spiritually, mentally, and physically.  I am learning that I will need the room to put the business to the side.  Should I fear a possible loss in business while I must address major situations?  

Many people will say, “yes, and what about money?”  

I agree and it is always a thought in the back of my mind but at some point, here is where we put the scrips into action.

Giving it over to my Shepherd

There is kick back when it comes to giving it over and many people believe it is not realistic.  Here is where I have learned to kick doubt to the curb.  Doubt harms anything I will receive through this humbling period.  In my original language blessings mean “gifts from ABA YAH given to the humbled.”  Modern Hebrew translates it as “gifts received through bended knee.”  A bended knee is one submitted.  Here is where I thought about the religious trend when people claim someone “blessed them.” Normally people receive something they did not have to pay for, well at least on the surface.  How many people are learning that nothing is free?  Someone must pay the price. And here we can see people also want something in return as they expect you to be submitted to them.

We are not to submit or worship another authority other than YAH. With this in mind, should we look for others to bless us?

Know with this new knowledge of the meaning of "blessing," do we have the authority to "bless others?"

A gift would be a better word for giving and we need to give without expectation.

Follow the leader

Letting go of what other people think.

I had to let go of the sideways comments regarding my priorities. People falsely believe they have the right to judge my decisions.  Giving someone guidance and judging is different.  I accept guidance but I know judgment when I hear it.  So, letting someone move on with their beliefs is best for both of us. I have learned I can avoid crazy hard situations by not string from the path YAH has laid. I have the power to receive curses or increase.  The people speaking into my life must know YAH and walk in his spirit, the YARAH.  I always compare people's advice to the wisdom of YAH.  If your advice does not match, I will throw out that advice.  Taking harmful advice is fun for the fool that gave it.

Business Planning Make Room to Pivot

Making room to pivot means you are planning but you are open to changes.  Some people have a hard time with change and will give you a hard time.  And some people change too much.  Finding a balance between when to change is part of learning when to pivot.  Sometimes change does not come with immediate income so in business this is hard for some people.  Some hold onto things that they need to let go of by waiting on income.

 If you can do both, go for it. But for the most part, you are going to lose time and money.  Focus is needed when building income streams properly.  Most business owners offer a product or service before they know the risks associated with that service or product.  Researching the risk is part of the planning process.  Once I watched how the tax industry has changed, is changing, and reviewing accounting reports I let this service go.  Since I am over tax preparation the realization of the increased risks is enough to encourage me to let go.    

Consider Cost When Business Planning

Of course, planning would include considering associated costs.  I like to test new income streams by researching my minimal investment.  Can I use my current tools without having to make large investments?  Testing ideas by jumping in with large investments seems to be a spiritual trap for many.  I have seen people with the false belief if they throw money at it, they will receive the money back. This spiritual thought system is “The Thought Movement” or “the law of attraction.”  Both thought systems will leave you out of money 99% of the time.  Change takes wisdom and testing investments spread out over time will have a better return for you in the future.  Also, this slow investment will allow you to hold on to a current service or product. You will need time to properly phase-out out the old.


Common question: What if you want to phase out a product or service because you lost your passion? However, it still brings in a profit?  

Answer: I chose to still let it go. Because the stress associated with attempting to recreate the passion was not worth the money.  I can now pour new passion into another service and product.  Planning allows this process.


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