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Customer Service Versus People-Pleasing Part 3

Kicking the Spirit of Chaos to the Curb

Kicking the Spirit of Chaos to the Curb. Listen to the audio for additional information.

Once we admit spiritual actions can be good or bad, we can cut down the lie that all people are honest.  We can crush the profit killer lie that the customer is always right.  Sadly, the majority of customers or clients are dishonest.  Dishonest normally is hidden behind the chaos.  It’s time to kick chaos to the curb. I know most business owners want peace in their businesses. And if you are working to have peace and balance, yes it is possible, you do not want someone else attempting to bring you down. So we need to start here with customer service versus people-pleasing. It is time to kick the spirit of chaos to the curb.  

ABA YAH sends a message.

I had a dream that the more I attempted to help some clients the more they would sneakily be undoing the order.  ABA YAH showed me that there was chaos everywhere and I was sitting at my desk.  A pile of trash was in the middle and four snakes were circling the garbage.  They would stop and bite my hands the more I would talk.  The more I attempted different things to help them the harder they would bite.  

My takeaways from the dream.

My takeaways from the dream help me clarify customer service versus people pleasing.

  1. I could see there are people that like chaos.  No matter what you do they are afraid of order.  
  2. Others like chaos or they call it controlled chaos as they feel some sort of control from causing their own chaos.  
  3. Some are brainwashed into thinking the road to success is a convoluted mess to travel.  
  4. Some are falsely influenced to think order means the loss of freedom.
  5. Some are prideful and do not believe they need help.  Some just sign up, so they get to talk about what they believe they have accomplished.  So, once I tell them the truth, they believe that I, the trained accountant, do not know what I am talking about.  So basically, they sign up to prove they know already know everything and they can say the accountant agreed.  Hence the problem is when I disagree with some of their processes or lack thereof.

Knowledge is learning from experience.

In the past, I gave these people too many opportunities to come around.  Eventually, this cuts into time.  If you are familiar with my post, you will know time is money.  So, they are limiting my time and cutting into my profits.  Most of these people demand unnecessary services.  I had to set boundaries by putting limits on their request in the form of charges.  I also had to require them to use my processes and stop attempting to go around my procedures.  Normally they are also negotiators so they use the lack of order to see if they can get more services for free by saying, “see that did not work.” When in reality they did not follow all the steps.

Which way do we go? Do not allow the spirit of chaos to pull you all over the place. Customer Service Verses People-Pleasing.

Serving the spirit of chaos customer service versus people-pleasing.

Here is where it is time to examine customer service versus people-pleasing. People-pleasing is letting this go and continuing to find ways to make them happy.  Customer service is following through with the agreed-upon services.  After I have met my part as far as I can I am spiritually released from the agreement because the other person broke their part of the agreement by not following through.  Hence you can now let these people go.  I do not argue with them I document the process and they will eventually leave after you bill them for the extra work.  

Get Clear on Your Policies and Procedures

The spirit of chaos is banking on the fact that you are not sure of what you offer. Most negotiations believe the small business owner does not understand pricing. Getting clear on what you offer and understanding what you need to earn is key to overcoming both profit killers. I also learned that if these people get their way they will rub it in your face daily. Keep your firm rooting and get to know your business. Let's talk I help business owners get clear on what to offer and your pricing. You can begin with my pricing course.

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