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Changing Prices and Inflation

Changing Prices and Inflation

What are changing prices and inflation? Are prices really changing dramatically high?  At least for now.  I see that pricing is adjusting to what vendors should have charged in the first place.  Yes, I do see there is also deceptive pricing.  There will always be deceptive pricing.  However, this does not mean all business owners are deceptive.  Negotiations or hagglers believe pricing is flexible.  While this is true for many businesses it is not true for all.  A business that welcomes negotiation or haggling has factored this into its pricing.  That is right the business purposely marks up pricing to account for those that want the rush of feeling like they “got a deal.”  Did you get a deal?  Right psychological pricing and tricks.  

Did the seller really take a cut?

While you think the seller is taking a cut to make you happy, they factored this in from the beginning.  Since most small business owners do not understand what is happening, they undercut pricing at their expense.  Many do not realize that wheeling and dealing is a calculated play.  However, most small business owners barely price above cost.  Sadly, believers think they are not supposed to make a profit.  Unprofitable religious teachings, of course, make honest business owners think a profit is greed.  So, looking at reality.  Religious teachings exalt giving to earning income so they can make a profit.  Also, small business owners are not taught about pricing.  Although we have work experience, most people did not see how their employers reach their prices.  We do not get to see what goes into pricing.   Most businesses are not designed to run off funding or loans outside of earnings.  Yet most business owners have a limited mindset that they must have some cash infusion to earn income.  

Something to think about.

  1. What if we start working without cash infusion?  
  2. Can we earn money from time investment?  
  3. Is time investment spiritual hoping?

The Truth About "Spiritual Returns."

We are told in the scrips that giving will bring increase, but ABA YHWH said he would also increase the work of our hands.  He also protects the worker.  Workers are not just employees, but small business owners are workers too.  Unless you have a passive income business you are working.  Working brings increase but if we never charge what we need to earn.  Not our value junk but what we need to earn for profit we will not stay in business.   Business is supposed to support and grow from positive net profit.

Read this blog about gifting.  Now working for free and using the time to initially start a business are different.  Working for free and hoping for a spiritual return are religious teachings that most manipulators love.  Most of them have no intention of paying and love “future faking.”  Future faking is where they pretend if you charge them a low rate or worse no rate, they will give you future business.  They promise to make up for the hours worked for free.  Normally they brag about all the other things they bought right in your face.  Working for free will leave you drained emotionally and drain your cash flow.  Spiritual returns come from walking in YARAH.  Walking in YARAH renders an increase from ABA YHWH.  We begin with getting clear on our pricing and how to voice and document that information successfully to the client.  Do your part even if you have a person that pretends you did not tell them your pricing and set the scope of services upfront.  Move on from them because they are a loss in the making.  So that right charging honestly with fair pricing so we make a positive net profit renders spiritual increase, not faith free worker.

The Truth about Time Investment

Hopefully, now you see that spiritual returns do not yield profit or increase.  Time investment yields increase.  I had to start my business using my earnings as an employee.  Over time I realize I also need time to build the business.  Guess what I was short?  That is correct if you said time.  Because I had already sold my time to my employer.  Once I was laid off, I planned to use that time to build my business.  But I took bad advice from my so-called friends and went to another job.  Again, putting me behind on building the business.  

I have fought for what is part of business freedom.  Business freedom is not about using someone else’s business idea to work from the poolside.  Business freedom is the freedom to create my own product and services, the time to develop and define those products and services, and the time to build those products and services.  Time to market would also fall into this spot.  I have learned to build out one product at a time.   Build one at a time so I can market that product or service through “organic” marketing reach.  Yes, that takes longer so it is better to have something going while still building.  So, I can keep income coming in while moving into what I am called to do, income comes in from other services that I will eventually phase out if they are no longer as profitable.

Come Out of the World

Since the people of YHWH are called to come out to the world.  Thankfully so for me.  We do not operate in the same processes.  So, the shift from looking like everyone else can be a challenge.  Most people copy other people's ideas and call it “inspiration.”  I have noticed people fear drawing from their inner gifting.  One reason they fear their own gifting is that we must get close to our creator first.  We must know his desire for YARAH to find his desire for how and what he wants us to create.  We are seeking our purpose and who better to find that than from our creator?  Therefore, my business does not fit in the “accountant” according to the world’s view.  I have found it challenging to help people see the differences between a steward of YHWH and the world’s “accountant.”  We, the people of YHWH’s stewards, are called a SHARDAOOT in our language.

Do not be a copycat

Stop copying other people.  Learning how to do something and copying people are two different things.  When you need to do things differently, will you be strong enough to trust ABA YHWH?  Before we learn from someone, we need to know the root of their teachings.  Is their teaching based on YARAH or on the world?  Christian teachings are not YARAH either, so we need to be mindful.

Here is the heart of a Christian.  They believe in this stuff.  We see a good example here regarding why you would listen to any other voice “aka talking spirit.”  Can not ABA YHWH lead us and isn’t that whom we need to ask?  ACHAD MATSAWAH the 1st LAWA you shall not have any other ALOHAYAMS. 

Changing Prices and Inflation

So are prices changing and increasing drastically?  Not right now.  Because I know what goes into pricing and the damage of haggling I know what you are seeing is balancing out.  No more of the unreasonable low pricing that most people thought they were getting.  So although I know the prices will begin to get out of hand because of greed, I know right now is stabilization. To learn more about pricing.  Why is pricing so low on most products and or services?  Also, let us talk about why you get what you pay for and why you should expect that.

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Changing pricing and inflation are said to go hand in hand. So much so that when a business owner increases their pricing most people automatically assume it is inflation. As opposed to increase in your pricing each year. Inflation is the reduction of the value of the dollar. So although the price increase you get less because it cost more to produce the product or service. I have learned that changing pricing and inflation do not go together. Although inflation is a real issue it is a made-up issue that can be solved. Money does not have the value we believe it has anyway. Since the value of money is reduced from the printing of more money as we are told that is what causes inflation. People assume well the value of the dollar is less they should make or give less. That is a human heart issue. Changing prices however can happen based on may factors.

If we can release the notation that changing pricing and inflation are not necessarily the problems we are experiencing then honest business owners can stand strong in fair pricing.

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