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Zoho and Amazon Integration Tip

Using Amazon Business with Zoho Expense

Recently I found a way to minimize the need to download Amazon invoices.  Since the Hubdoc application shutdown, this is the next best option.  I also see so far; that this feature works better than downloading the invoice.  I just found the Zoho and Amazon Integration that will help with this issue.  So let me share my Zoho and Amazon integration tip. Normally during manual bookkeeping entry only, the total purchase amount appears on banking.  If you read this blog, you will see that the bank downloads are not sufficient information.  Accounting needs details.  So continuously forcing something in or what I call shortcutting does not work.  Short-cutting or ignoring details will lead to limited and incorrect records.  Most dishonest business owners love to blame the bookkeeper later on as they hope bookkeepers hide their lack of accuracy in tracking their records.

Lack of Information and Liability for the Bookkeeper

Perhaps you can see this also increases liability issues on the bookkeeper and accountant side as covering for these people is displeasing to YHWH and it is costly legally.  The answer is to get accurate records.  Using companies like Amazon that run their invoice information together can cause inaccurate information.  When I was bookkeeping, I did not enjoy the time-consuming job of entering the line items.  

Perhaps you say, “oh no just add everything to the cost of goods sold.”  Exactly what I just mentioned in the previous email.  Everything is not the cost of goods sold.  Again, we need details. So entering the different types and purposes of the items is important to accurate reporting.  The internal report helps us to make an accurate assessment as to what is truly the cost of goods or cost of services sold and what are other business expenses.  There are also other expenses that we can order from Amazon so those need to be broken out into each account.

How does the Zoho and amazon integration tip help?

The line-item details download helps to eliminate the need to enter the individual line items.  Now the download is each line item and then we can categorize them during the download.  Although we touch each item, we can set up some automation eventually.  We also bulk classification.  Productivity is important and when the bookkeeping process allows for bulk classification your bookkeeper will appreciate you.  

The Difference between Zoho Expense and Zoho Books

Zoho expense is the application that connects to Amazon. One is Zoho books and it is an accounting application.  The other is Zoho Expense and it is an expense tracking application.  Zoho expense works with Zoho Books to import multiple expenses.  If you have a lot of expenses Zoho expense is the best application.  You can add expenses to Zoho Books, but you would have to purchase an add-on to auto scan that is available in Zoho Expense.  

Zoho Books and Zoho Expense allow you to email receipts into the software making the receipts easier to add to your books.  Zoho expense is not for bills.  A bill is something that you would pay later.  An expense is something purchased at the time even if you use a credit card.  If you use a credit card or debit card at the receipt to the Zoho Expense or in Zoho Books as an expense.  When you receive your credit card statement that is added to Zoho Books as a bill.

You can use Zoho Expense for free when you purchase Zoho Books.  You can access my referral links from this page. I will explain more in the video.  

Zoho and Amazon Integration Tip Video Example

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