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The term ecommerce seems to leave many people stumped. It stands for electronic commerce. Commerce is a business term. When we provide online business services or products we are providing electronic commerce that we know as ecommerce. Many people learned about ecommerce during the pandemic of 2020. However, I knew in my spirit that virtual was the way to go from the start of my business.

In this video, I will show you examples of ecommerce that I use on my website. The examples are for the everyday business owner. My options also fall within my budget. So I leave the question does it have to be expensive? I offer ecommerce appointments to work with you and your business journey.

Ecommerce is not as difficult as we think because it is more common than you think. When we take away the terminology we get the everyday practice of business ownership but online. Ecommerce includes products and services. I will help you create systems to help you with your business optimization process.

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