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The Business Planning Workshop

"The business planning workshop, what is that?" “Business plan? What no? I hate those…”

Some business owners have told me that when we hear the term business planning it creates an image of a boring multi page document with business facts and statistical data, graphs, and outlines.  We often envision strenuous work to pull  these things together. So, most people skip the process.

“But I am not speaking of that business plan..”

When I think and say business plan, I mean building your road map by capturing the vision. Capturing the vision given by the Most High YHWH.

The Purpose of A Business Plan

The purpose of a business plan is a place that we use to navigate our business as in the control center. The business plan is used as a tool of measurement a gauge if you will.   A marker to determine our growth and to keep us on path. As of today, the writing of this page, 7/29/2022  GRD 10/16/2022 I have been in business for 15 years and I have learned more than I expected to learn. I have learned things that are not open knowledge to the public.  Why? because we, the average person can not see past some of the traps set to keep us paying into a setup system that is meant to keep us stuck in the negative profit wheel.

What?  Throughout my courses I will share what I have learned.

Can you open your mind to change?

Unlocking Old Thoughts and Teachings- The Business Plan Workshop

I ask you to open our mind to how a business plan can be helpful.  Most of us keep notes as we go but what if we could pull all that together and revisit the experience of our past and access the experience of others.  A business plan will help you to see the overall picture. AND it will help you add updates and make changes according to current events (navigation). A written map known as the business plan that I am introducing helps to organize our thoughts and ideas.

The Problem

Many business owners lose money because they do not track what they are doing or even sketch a visual. Most repeat the same mistakes over and over without realizing they have already tried certain processes. A habit that continues to waste time and money due to the failure to learn from the past.

The Solution

By tracking what I work on and updating notes with information from observations and evaluations I can see my next steps. Thereby helping me to avoid repeating the things that did not work.

Sometimes I revisit things that did not work because something changed. Sometimes a process did not work because of timing.  Or there was a missing piece that is coming together now. And although I revisit something that did not work the process is faster because of the notes from where I left off, so I do not have to start over. 

The Goal of the Workshop

In this business planning workshop, we will start from the beginning.  If you are a new business owner, we will create your plan.  If you are a current business owner or seeking to get back into business, we will create and review your plan. We will use your current and past information to build that new and brighter future business plan.

What You Will Gain

The benefit of this workshop is that it will also help you to get clear on your offerings. Your offerings are your products and or service.

Just A Sample of What We Cover

  1. Are you in the right field?
  2. How can we draw out more in your current field
  3. How can you maximize profits?

Details How to Join

Complete the client interview first to make sure this is a good fit for working together. I do not like to waste your time or money trying to make it work.

If we determine together that it is a good fit to work together than you can purchase the workshop. The cost is $65 per session for my professional advice and that is a give away price. You can purchase 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount- request 5 sessions.

$65 Per Session or Purchase 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount-

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