A Little About Me

I enjoy accounting and sharing my knowledge and spiritual guidance!

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Your Accounting and Bottom Line Profit Goals

Y. Michelle Coard

Owner B&P Accounting Solutions
About Me

Who Am I

I am Yaschica Michelle Coard, you may call me Michelle and I am a true follower of YAHOSHUA, Mother, and Business Owner.  I have earned two university degrees a Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Accounting and an Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting.  I have more than 20 years work experience in the accounting and business fields. I am an Accountant, Business Consultant with training in Torah (YARAH) teachings, President, Owner, and Profit Strategist of Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.

I’m Y. Michelle Coard, and I enjoy accounting. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I must be nuts..

Real-World Projects

My Mission

My goal is to share what I know to help guide you through the accounting and business mistakes many business owners have made, including myself.

My Students

I am also here to help you maintain, grow or both your business at a sustainable pace through accounting. I want you steward your business in Torah (YARAH) and create a profitable and sustainable way.

My Journey

My Inspiration

My focus in accounting first began with the love of checks and balances in my first bookkeeping course in high school. I enjoyed balancing accounts with various entries. Back then, the money for me was black and white. Either, you had money or you did not and those with money could purchase whatever they desired. Those without money had a hard life.


Growing up and into my young adulthood, I was one without money, so I set out to build riches. I was overworked and unappreciated. Although in the past, I earned money to gain a better status, I knew it had to be more than just about status. YAH gave me a new desire and understanding but more importantly the promise of peace and rest while growing sustainable, fair, honest profits without stepping out of HIS covenant. 

Your success is my success

My goal is for your business to succeed. In order for that to happen, I stand firm in practicing business codes and ethics

Full Disclosure

Disclose all accounting and tax information according to General Accounting Practices for the Small Business Owner, GAAP, and IRS tax codes.


I work with the client to making sure the customer get the best possible service.  I offer self-service options to assist the client with submissions and learning with online courses and an online client portal.

Clients ideas are important

I listen to your ideas and I help you guide you with the information you need to properly implement accounting into your business, become and remain compliant, and assist you with business process optimization.


Admit when I make a mistake and I work to correct that mistake if so appropriately.  I only report correct information.  Full disclosure from the client is required.


Consistent in finding the most cost effective and efficient business processes for your business.


Help clients reach accounting organization and increase your bottom line.