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An OZARA in Hebrew is a connector to YAH, a watcher, a steward, a defense, a planner, a builder, set foundations and organizer.  When I use these words please note the meanings vary from the original Hebrew to English and for marketing. Since I get to the root of the words I will share with you more on the blogs. We work to make the connections to the cord of the foundations of life again.  I co-pilot with you to walk in order and the light.  Darkness takes away sight but the light brings orderly steps.  I work with you to bring this light to your business.

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Yaschica Michelle Coard

Accounting is the root system of a business
Bow with ZaNa

"Know a weapon. Did you know the rainbow is a reminder of how YAH can and will cleanse the earth. Although the next time will be with fire the bow reminds us of the ARK of Salvation or the ARK of MaTsaWaH in the AR DaR.  

An accountant sees the weapons of warfare against us but also our weapons of protection by learning how to use a weapon.  We discern the weapons that are ours to use that we call tools.  We do not use the weapons of darkness because that is a trap.  

Seeing and knowing a weapon works to sort out what is working and what is not working.  Examining to increase or eliminate and we increase with elimination of what is not working including unrighteous.

Your Success is Our Success

Full Disclosure

Full disclosure from you in all accounting and tax information is essential to the services that I provide.  If you are unsure of what to share.  I have run into many situations that people said, "I thought it was not related." Causing more issues down the road.


Honesty from both parties is essential.  I am honest in my all my works.  Your honesty will help you to grow your business.  Dishonesty always destroys.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say because anything else is not of YAH.  Working together requires honesty from both sides. 

Focused and Consistent

Consistency is key in finding working processes.  We need an outcome that is profitable and beneficial to the business owner as well as meets spiritual and natural standards.  Consistency will also allow a better out come so we know when we need to pivot.  Change is good when we navigate.