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I’m offering the unique opportunity to essentially have an “Accountant on Call.” During the normal course of business, many business questions come up. So I’d love to be a reliable, consistent resource for you.  Perhaps you are not ready to hire an accountant on a monthly basis but you know you can still benefit from the help of an accountant.  Accounting is more than Bookkeeping and compliance will save you thousands of dollars and hours of time down the road.

True business owners operate as a business.   Operating as a business requires properly reporting income and expenses.  Most often business owners refuse to implement accounting thinking their business is fine until the business becomes "Official"  or perhaps business owners believe taxes would be 50% tax rate if they track all inc

Option A:  Pay As You Go Consultations

Consultations are 1:1 and are about your business and one 45 minute phone call or web conference (1-time payment).

  • The Ask The Accountant sessions help you release old tax mindsets so you can make more money!  Taxes are controllable with a great money plan and tax plan!  Let me help you get started today! Your first session is only $95! (Save $60)

We will cover: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Cash Management, Tax Planning, Helpful Tips from Other Business Owners, ...and more

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Option B: Financial Freedom Builders Club (Annual Renewal!)

Join the Financial Freedom Builders Club for annual access to online training.  New information added monthly.  Receive mini workshops to assist you with all of your accounting needs.  Workshops include live group meetings, videos, worksheets, templates, email response to questions.  We will cover:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Management Gods Way, Time Management Tips, and Tax Tips.  Read More....

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