24 Recommended Accounting Steps for the Small Business Owner

Affordable, Expert Financial Advice to Help With Your Most Pressing Questions and Challenges!

The “Business Accounting DIY Course.” The course is for new and existing business owners. We will cover all items listed below. Purchase the full course and watch the according to your schedule.

You will receive

  • The Accounting Guide Workbook with 24 recommended accounting steps for new business owners,
  • Access to the Mobile Package to view your videos on the GO
  • Worksheets to determine your business structure
  • Accounting System Recommendations and Demo’s
  • Taxes Overview of Self Employed taxes and other taxes that may apply to you.

I am here to support your Financial Peace of Mind! My goal is to make accounting less intimidating and show you that it can be apart of everyday business! Ignoring accounting only causes stress and potential tax penalties and interest.

Purchase the full course to start business accounting in your business today! Accounting is more than bookkeeping.

Course topics:

  • The right business structure for you (LLC, Corporation, Partnership, Sole-Proprietor)
  • Why Accounting is important in your business and why Accounting is More than Bookkeeping
  • How to handle and calculate quarterly taxes
  • The best bookkeeping software to use
  • Ways you can tax plan throughout the year to save you money at tax time
  • How to handle your Owners Pay (i.e. and if you should pay yourself through payroll; how to give yourself a raise; etc.)

Here’s How It Works:

  • Purchase the course and you will receive 2 free 30 minute consultations (a value of $170.00) with a Course Login Access to login to your courses 24/7. You will also receive an email series with your video’s, worksheets, and webinar notes. (Sometimes email is easier than a login)
  • You will receive the “Accounting Guide Book” This e-book covers all of the topics we discuss in the “Business Accounting DIY Course.” as well as the most recommended accounting steps to follow for your business. Don’t worry about what you don’t know again. The course is made simple for the Everyday Entrepreneur.

*Accounting Guide eWorkbook comes with Your Course* This course series will show you the basic business requirements and how to implement accounting into your business today!