B&P Business Building Tools

B&P Business Building Tools online self-paced business training for new business owners or those who desire to reestablish and grow a new business on a Godly foundation.  2013-2015 I grew a business according to the world’s standard practices.  I was working 12 hour days and many people thought that was normal.  However, I was tired all the time and I barely had time for my children.  Many people think just because you work from home that we don’t work as hard as someone who goes out to the office.   Being self-employed is the best training system for time management.  I have to manage my time.   

Although I think about work more I don’t let it consume me.  I am creative on how we work.  My office may not always be inside sometimes I have to work in the car or in a restaurant or right before a doctor’s appointment in the waiting room.  I have learned to be flexible and I plan my schedule so I can meet deadlines without stressing. 

B&P Business Tools are tools that I have learned to use in business as well as my 20 years of experience in accounting training to help you in your business.  Business ownership can often feel we are flying by the seat of our pants but that’s not the way.

B&P Business Tools contain:

  • Recorded Videos for you to watch according to your schedule.  Videos will include personal cash management training, business cash management, information on accounting systems, Biblical business training, tax systems.
  • Individual recorded videos specific to you.
  • Worksheets to assist with applying techniques.
  • Tutorials to assist you with learning.
  • Unlimited Email Consultations.
  • Bi-monthly consultations- (Every to months video or phone consultation).
  • Live presentations for Q&A and sharing group information.


One Annual Payment of $499.00 immediate access to current information and updated monthly.  Request personal video and tutorials via email or on your Bi-monthly consultation. 

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Do you need payments?  Monthly Payment Option $59.00 a month. 

The first payment is $89.00 (includes a $30 setup fee for the monthly subscriptions.)

Videos and all tools are released on a monthly basis. 

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The Benefits


The business tools will help you the business owner implement business accounting,

taxes, bookkeeping, tax management, and personal development all while building a

business based on a Godly foundation.  You will learn and live Biblical business principles while

implementing your accounting process.  The Business tools will empower you the

business owners build your business with accounting at your own pace.