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Why An Accounting Assessment

Why do I need an accounting assessment?  Most business owners oversimplify accounting because they don’t know what they don’t know about accounting.  Because business owners oversimplify thinking there are no real accounting guidelines for the small business owner, many will make costly mistakes.  My goal is to help you maximize your time because time is money.  I help you understand how you can meet your compliance and internal business needs.  I offer a 1-hour virtual accounting meeting to discuss your business goals and your business needs.

Review the scope of services for the Accounting Assessment with the accounting implementation course here: The Accounting Assessment 1hour and 30 minute meeting with access to the accounting implementation course scope of services.

You will receive access to my accounting implementation course to get started with your accounting needs.  Learn more about the course here:

Depending upon your business, I will help you determine your compliance requirements for state and federal agencies

I will assess, compile and give you the information you need to properly set up accounting, bookkeeping, or fix current software issues

Depending on the goals of your business I can help you understand your accounting needs
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Accounting Assessement Fee


Your Expected Deliverable

Your deliverable is an accounting instructional plan with access to more than 14 training videos in my accounting implementation course so you implementing a compliant accounting plan for your business process and software if you would like to use the software.  The assessment is an emailed write-up explaining your needs and instructions for getting started if you prefer to complete my recommendations on your own, hire my firm, or hire another firm or contractor.  Either way, you will have an understanding of your accounting needs.  I will also include a proposal if you would like me to perform the services.  The deliverable is an instructional summary with training information and may have some video examples to assist you with your needs. 

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