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A business needs income to operate. We receive income from sales, and we manage expenses for the company, and many of us hope for a profit. We don’t think we can create a profit. How?

All businesses need a profit to remain open

All businesses need a profit to remain open. A non-profit needs a profit, I know the term "non-profit" sounds strange if it needs to have a profit.  A non-profit or not-for-profit is different in that it does not distribute the profits to the owners, but all earnings are kept in the business unless paid out as salary to the (owners) normally called members.  A profit is more incoming sales/revenue than outgoing (spending) flow. Profit is the money left over after all cost and expenses.

Profit is used to grow your business. Business owners use profit instead of debt to invest in our business. Because debt is the promise of future income/profits, and it limits what we can due until that balance is paid in full. Your lender can also call that loan at any time (read your loan or credit card terms of services).  The scriptures tell us that the borrower (creating of a hole) is slave to the lender.  Debt is the most common mistake business owners make over time.  I hope to break this stronghold on our wealth for the people of YAH.  We do not have to have debt to start, maintain, or even grow a business.  We need to be the stewards that we are created to be in business.


What is stewardship?  Stewardship is business management it is taking wise action in the managing the direction of our business.  A steward steers a ship on safe voyages and a home or business steward steers their home and business on growth and increase.  Since the foundation of our life guidance is YARAH (Torah - Teaching of YAH) our business is run based on the same foundation.  The goal is to no longer operate like the world and to tighten the life cord back to our Alohyam.  We also steward our giftings, skills, and talents according to the service of YAH.  We guard his Oasar 10 Matsahwah. 

Your business is a wealth vehicle and how you steer your business is important to creating profits.   Do you need a large business to profit?  No, you can get the proper pricing and understand what you can offer.  Also, understanding the cost involved with being in business will help you grasp the reality of money leaks.  Slowly spending more money than you have coming in that lead to closing.

Accounting For Income and Expenses

Accounting for income and expenses is the process of tracking all the business processes in the organization. Accountants use your transaction information from bookkeeping for many beneficial tasks in the business.  Often in business, we work in an endless pattern of waiting until a problem arises to find a solution. Most business owners are flying by the seat of their pants, and this is not a badge of honor. Sadly, many people want to just hit the easy button when it comes to accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes but you cannot because you can miss some important steps and fall short on compliance but worse you can harm your profits.

My goal is to help empower you to understand the most important accounting steps and practices while helping manage taxes. Accounting is more than bookkeeping.

1)   Accounting reporting and managing for accounting and business advising.

2)   Reporting gives you the information you need to help you best review the past to make better choices for the future business actions.

3)   Distributing the income within the business also known as budgeting. Budgeting is a map to tell your money where to go as in steer your cashflow (cashflow includes digital money such as using debit or credit cards).

4)  Growing the business at a sustainable level for a holistic point of view as well (people are essential).

Accounting Is The Heart of Business

Accounting is the heart of the business because maintaining cashflow is vital to all functions in the industry. Accounting includes many services other than bookkeeping. We, accountants, also help to organize and manage the business from an internal point of view as well as tax management. See my business services section for more information on what I offer. I walk with you as a Chief Accounting Officer when you are ready.

If business owners want to increase profit or sustain business without continuously stressful cycles, business owners must get past the point that accounting is more than after the fact bookkeeping or tax preparation with an accumulation of disorganized barely tracked data.  Also, if you believe participating in your business management is below you or if you do not have time than you will continue in dead end habits.


Reactive bookkeeping means to hire someone to spend hours attempting to recreate your books.  Normally most people rarely remember the transactions, and many lose out on deductions because of this poor tracking. 

Solutions Based and Proactive

Accounting is the heart of a business, and it grows from your root system (foundation) in the creation of productive accounting, business, and workflow processes. 

I am here to give you hope, bookkeeping is created through consistent, effective, and productive accounting process.   I will train you on bookkeeping practices and how to use your software for accounting processes and workflows.  I teach you how to optimize your business processes using your software and a team if you so desire. I can help you set up, clean up and manage accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, consultant/contractor management, or tax issues you may have.

I review all entries and work on the next steps that a managing |accounting team would handle. If you are ready to implement a professional accounting plan for your business, this company is for you!

I Am A Business Owner

Please note I am not an employee. I am self-employed as a business owner. I control my schedule, workload, salary, cover my payroll taxes, business-related taxes, set my pricing (learn more about pricing in your business), work under a term of services agreement, and I have other clients. A contractor is not an employee.


Learn more about contractors and payroll on my blogs. You can also check with the department of labor about treating contractors as employees.

Where Do You Begin?

All new clients must start with the accounting assessment. The accounting assessment is essential in helping me to determine your accounting needs. The accounting assessment is an hour and a half meeting with a write-up of the proposal. You can either hire me to implement and perform your services or you can take the write-up to another firm or individual to assist you with your needs. The meeting and the write-up are your deliverables for this professional service. All fees are tax-deductible.

o My assessment fee includes two options.  Option one you can purchase the accounting assessment with the accounting implementation course. For $675.00.  You can learn and implement the accounting plan at your own pace.  Additional consultations are a separate fee.  Option two  is $275.00 for a 1-hour meeting and the proposal for services.

This fee applies to everyone for the time to discuss your software, accounting processes and create a plan of action.) Learn More About this Service- Scope of Service or get started with Accounting Implementation Course on your own time.

o Training Sessions Per Hour - $135.00 (training sessions can depend on accounting training or business training.) pay' as you go.


o Business Formation - A onetime fee of $135.00 plus the cost of the secretary' of the state fee.

o Meetings and consultations- $25 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $75 for 45 minutes, $100 for
one hour. Performing the service is separate services. Meetings and consultations are not training sessions. If you need a service performed, you will need to request the service. If you need training, you will need to schedule training and pay' for a training session.





Learn more about online learning accounting business training.  Learn at your pace during your schedule.  Receive tools that you can apply over and over again.  The courses are updated with the most current information each year.  Learn more here:

Payroll is one of the most substantial business expenses. My goal is to help business owners stay on track for the payroll process, payroll reporting, contractor payments, and payroll taxes without worry!

Y. Michelle Coard - B&P Accounting Solutions

Reach out to me if you would like to learn more about how this would work in your business. I look forward to speaking with you.

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