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A business needs income to operate. We receive income from sales, and we manage expenses for the company, and many of us hope for a profit. We don’t think we can create a profit. How?

All businesses need a profit to remain open

As a business owner, all businesses need a profit to remain open. A non-profit need a profit, I know the term “non-profit” sounds strange if it needs to have a profit.

Profit is the money left over after all other cost, expenses, and eligible business spending. Profit for a non-profit remains in the business, but a for-profit business has the option to pay out the profit. The for-profit business can payout to its owners or payout to the shareholders (publicly traded), reinvest back into the business, called retained earnings. Profit is used to grow your business. Business owners use profit instead of debt to invest in our business. Because debt is the promise of future income/profits, and it limits what we can due until that balance in full. Your lender can also call that loan at any time (ready your loan or credit card terms of services).

Accounting for Income and Expenses

Accounting for income and expenses is the process of tracking all the business processes in the organization. Accountants use your transaction information from bookkeeping for many beneficial tasks in the business.
  1. Financial reporting and managing for financial advising. (financial statements),
  2. As information to best manage your financials (managers and executive decision-makers need this info).
  3. Distributing the income within the business (the accounting and finance departments).
  4. Payroll and Accounts Payable- paying employees, vendors, contractors (payroll and contractor management or accounts payable)
  5. Growing the business at a sustainable level for a holistic point of view as well (people are essential).

Accounting is the heart of the business because maintaining money is vital to all functions in the industry. Accounting includes many services other than bookkeeping.

We, accountants, also help to organize and manage the business from an internal point of view as well as tax management. See my business services page for more information on what I offer. I walk with you as a Chief Financial Officer when you are ready.

Payroll is one of the most substantial business expenses. My goal is to help business owners stay on track for the payroll process, payroll reporting, contractor payments, and payroll taxes without worry!

Y. Michelle Coard - B&P Accounting Solutions

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how this would work in your business. I look forward to speaking with you.

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