Business and Personal Bookkeeping


Creating Profits, Salary Payments, and Business Growth

Bookkeeping is cash flow tracking.  Cash Flow in and out of your business. Tracking the cash flow is an essential component to any business in order to create a profit and pay yourself.  I help you to create profit and pay yourself by 3 important steps:  tracking all expenses and income (bookkeeping and budgetting), tax planning to save on taxes, reporting (money reports or finanical statements) is painting a picture of the products and services that bring you the most money.  The most profitable services are income producing activities and that is where we need to focus time.  We don't have alot of time, we need to make the best use of the time we have. 

Cash Flow Process Simplified

B&P Accounting Solutions will help you find solutions that works for you.  Just time for you without worry!


I offer many different business packages that help to allievate your daily tasks.  My packages include:

Money Managment


Tracking incoming money!  Lower Expenses!  Have a Profit! Plan Bill Payments. 


Receipt Tracking  with consulting


I manage the receipt tracking for you.  Maybe you are not sure what to do with receipts  or which ones to keep.  I help you automate the process with apps and software to track and record your expenses.  I work with apps or mileage logs




Show you how to set up and maintain software (if ready).  I review your entries twice a month or quarterly to make sure the software is working properly.


Virtual Office Conversion


Turn your office from paper overwhelm to virtually a paperless office and still stay up to date with record keeping


Mobile Office with Software Management- Office on the Go!

Don't be stuck in your seat!

I train you on online or off line software. Do you need to travel?  I show you how to take your accounting tasks on the road for easy tracking and monitoring.  Such as, you can send an invoice immediately, accept payment, or pay a bill all in between client appointments, kids sports practices or games,  or doctor appointments. I review all entries and transactions to make sure the software and systems are up to date for your current needs.

Pay Yourself , Employees, or Contractors


I help you handle how to pay yourself and others.  You have earned it! Pay yourself while the business is growing not after it has grown!  I show you how.


Handle Paperwork and Business Setup


Do you have various documents that need to be completed?  I fill out financial forms, business licensing, trademark filing, banking forms, or other requested forms....such as a W-9 or I-9.




Help you with mileage tracking.  We work together for a system that works for you to help track the miles traveled for business.


Tax Tips


Get the latest tax tips to help boost profits.  Tax Planning to lower taxes.


App Recommendations

Get the latest app recommendations to help stream line task. 

I support you!

We meet once or twice a month because I love to hear your story!  Why did you start the business? Where do you want to take the business?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I will help you plan, budget and monitor that vision with financial statements.  I give easy to use tools and apps to help you track your information.  If you are a spreadsheets, apps, or paper type of person......I get you where you need to be with bookkeeping.


Read my blog  "Elements of Accounting" for more information on the accounting steps!


Industries we service:

  • Service Industries (all)
  • Hospitality
  • Child Care / Day Care Home or Facilities
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Lawn and Home Care
  • Janitorial, Maid, or Cleaning Services
  • Independent Contractors
  • Retail (product sales)
  • Online Stores
  • Home Office Based Business