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Payroll Services

We offer services to small, medium or startup business owners.  We also provide services to Homebased businesses, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Web based businesses

All businesses need payroll services.

Payroll is a major responsibility.  All businesses need payroll services.  There are huge requirements that come with payroll.  Even if you are your only employee, you need payroll services! Homebased or webbased business also need payroll processing.  There are state laws pertaining to payroll processing no mater the business type, structor, or size.

There is also the challenge of finding good payroll people.  I have met many people that have worked in payroll, but very few people can actually enjoy the field.  Most just landed in the field and found that it keeps them employed.  When you have an employee that is not passionate you will not have the needed tools to process, post, and maintain your payroll accurately and efficiently. 

B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp provides payroll outsourcing services to cover your business payroll needs with passion.  We allow you the flexibility to decide how you would like to run your business.

Full Payroll Processing for 1-150 employees.

Set up the payroll Software Process Direct Deposit or Pay Cards (Direct Deposits are free)
Train you on how to collect the proper new hire paperwork Process W-2s and 1099s
Entering New hires Submit W-2 information for the proper agencies
Completing and filing the I-9 Terminations
Background Checks Un-cashed Checks Filing and Management
Recording Time Worked Garnishments Management and Reporting
We will collect hours worked from you and enter hours worked Create Ad Hoc Reports
We will Process the payroll according to your company policies Internal Company reporting for your company.
Print checks Create and manage payroll journal entries

You can also process your own payroll with limited help from B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. Accountants.  We will guide you through the process, for a fee, if you prefer to process your own payroll.

We have certified payroll experience and experience handling the accounting side of payroll as well.  We are more than payroll processors we are your payroll accountants.

Payroll is one of the most substantial business expenses. My goal is to help business owners stay on track for the payroll process, payroll reporting, contractor payments, and payroll taxes without worry!

Y. Michelle Coard - B&P Accounting Solutions

Give us a call, we would love to help provide you peace of mind from the rain of Payroll and Payroll Taxes!