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Tax Preparation is a Year Long Process


Prepare for 2016    

Tax preparation should be the main  focus throughout the year in order to take the maximum deductions.

Did you know that your life events and changes can be tax deductible?

B&P Accounting Solutions can give you advice on the eligible life experiences, changes, and expenses for maximized deduction during personal tax preparation. 


Life Changes include:

  • Having a New Baby
  • Moving State to State
  • Death in the Family
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Receive a large amount of "Extra" money
  • Debt forgiveness
  • New Dependent - Did a parent or child move in or out
  • Large Purchase or Sell ( Like a Home or Boat)
  • Employee out of pocket expenses
  • Retired
  • Retirment fund Management.
  • Investment or would like to Invest
  • Benefit Management
  • and many many more!  Tax Planning prepares you for next tax season.


Don't wait until next year to see how much you owe.  Plan with taxes to save more, don't get stuck with a huge tax bill.  I would like to see you relaxing with little or no tax bill due!  Click here to schedule a Tax Planning Appointment today!


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We offer Direct Deposits, Refund Transfers, Pay Cards, Electronic Filing, and On-line tax payments!