B&P your smart stop for Tax Preparation

B&P Your Smart Stop for Tax Preparation by A Top Rated Tax Consultant


Business and Personal Accounting Solutions your smart stop for Tax Preparation

Do you know what to look for in a tax preparer or a tax consultant?  The tax preparer without a CPA or EA designation should be registered with the IRS. The preparer should have a valid PTIN number. Verify the business is registered on irs.gov. Your preparer should be willing to give you a confidentiality agreement to protect your information and theirs. Please verify before you give your money to an imposter! Identity thief is a major concern with unregistered tax return preparers.

I am registered with the IRS. I am registered to practice Accountancy in the State of NC. I have training and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Tax Professions offer more experience and one on one contact than software.  We offer knowledge and savings!

By choosing B&P Accounting Solutions you gain more tax knowledge.  Save time and money when you use a professional tax preparer.  

Why is a professional better:  I am an experienced tax preparer that will work hard to lower your taxes.  I search for deductions that may apply to you.  I verify if you are eligible to use the deduction to decrease the amount of taxes due or to grow your refund.

If you use a standard tax software to prepare your taxes you would be responsible for any errors. With the benefit of a professional....you decrease your chance of errors and/or missed deductions!  A professional can also help you with tax planning.  Investing in tax planning now will save you so much in the future!

There are several reasons to hire a tax professional.  More than tax preparation! Here's an interesting read:  Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional 

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I also assist with any tax problems or tax notices that you may have received. Do you still need to file a 2012 return or 2013 return? Do you need to file an amendment? I can work with you in with the current filing season to make sure I get all the tax filings completed and or adjusted. I am dedicated and I love assisting.  Schedule a tax consultation appointment today to help you with your needs. I am available to help!

Contact me today to learn more:  Use the convenient web form, on the Contact Us page, to connect with Y. Michelle Coard, or reach me by phone or fax at (919) 249-5156.  I look forward to hearing from you!