B&P your smart stop for Tax Preparation

B&P Your Smart Stop for Tax Preparation


Business and Personal Accounting Solutions your smart stop for Tax Preparation

I am registered with the IRS. I am registered to practice Accountancy in the State of NC. I have training and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Tax Professions offer more experience and one on one contact than software.  We provide knowledge and savings! 


By choosing B&P Accounting Solutions, you gain more tax knowledge.  Save time and money when you use a professional tax preparer.  

Business tax returns are processed in various forms.  The type of income you receive, your business structure, and your tax status selection determine the tax form you are required to file.  I help you determine what's best financially for your business as you plan and prepare for taxes.  I guide you in financial management, bookkeeping, and financial planning to assist you with growing your business and managing taxes.

"Many business owners strive for the zero tax mindset and, this creates zero profits" - Y. Michelle Coard

Most people don’t realize that the best way to manage taxes is to prepare all year long. Often people wait until the end of the year to determine if they owe money. A small business owner will need to manage taxes throughout the year to stay ahead of the curve. I know many people want to avoid taxes altogether, but the zero-tax mindset often creates unnecessary spending practices. If you create an effective spending plan, then spending can benefit your business to help expand down the road. A business needs to earn profits so you can either pay out to the owners, share profits with employees, and reinvest back into your business. Yes, you will have to pay taxes on profits at the end of the financial year, but if you reinvest that back into the business the next year, you will see the benefit of qualified and effective tax credits and deductions.

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I know you would like to manage taxes and your money better, and Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. will help you to reach those goals.  We walk with you throughout your business ownership to help you build strong foundations with ethical and healthy business accounting principles for your business.  We help you to stay compliant with federal, state, and local government, all while helping you to grow financially.

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New tax clients accepted until December 1, 2020.  If you need bookkeeping you will need to reach out to me by September 2020.  New clients are not accepted after December 1, 2020.   All meetings (virtual meetings) and preparation are held online.