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B&P Your Smart Stop for Personal Tax Preparation


Business and Personal Accounting Solutions your smart stop for Tax Preparation

Do you know what to look for in a tax preparer or a tax consultant?  The tax preparer without a CPA or EA designation should be registered with the IRS. The preparer should have a valid PTIN number.  If your preparer does not want to sign the return do not proceed.  As a registered tax return preparer we have to have a background check and many people skip this step. Please verify before you give your personal information or money to an imposter or what the IRS calls a ghost tax preparer.

I am registered with the IRS. I have tax training, more than 18 years preparing tax returns, a Bachelor and Associates Degree in Accounting.

A tax preparer helps you navigate the tax laws and regulations to help you prepare a tax return that is compliant and maximizes all of your eligible deductions and credits according to the tax laws.

By choosing B&P Accounting Solutions you gain more tax knowledge.  Save time when you use a professional tax preparer. 

Why is a professional better?  A professional will help you to navigate the tax laws and regulations and give you that one on one contact that many people desire.

There are several reasons to hire a tax professional.  More than tax preparation! Here's an interesting read:  Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional 

1.  I assist with any tax problems or tax notices that you may have received. 

2.  I help you file an amendment.

3.  I help you determine how the new deductions and credits apply to you? 

4. I help you properly answer tax questions, such as which tax return do you need?


Schedule a tax consultation appointment today to help you with your needs. I am available to help!  Only accepting clients after tax season.  Must connect by December 15, 2020 for 2021 Tax Preparation.  All preparation and meetings are held online.


If you have a straight forward simple return and would like to prepare your own tax return but you are not sure what software to use.  Here's my recommendation for $25: