B&P Embracing The Kingdom Economy

Lack of cash management and cash flow are the top reasons businesses fail.  Spiritual bankruptcy causes physical stress that ultimately breaks your business foundation. Although cash flow is essential to start, grow, or maintain a business your spiritual bank (seek first the Kingdom of Heaven Matt 6:33 KJV)  account is more important. Business owners have to plan and prepare their business for the ups and downs that come with owning a business.

Most business owners have a hard time charging and often times charge prices that are less than the cost to produce the product or service.  I was one of those business owners.  Often, I was afraid to even say the price because of fear of the rejection. Or I was like other business owners who believed we should not charge very much because we believe in Jesus.

I believe in Jesus and as a believer, we often feel we should not charge because a good Christian thing to do is give the services away.  We need to make it essential in business to consult God and the Bible regarding what we are to do in business and this includes money.

This e-course will cover how to create and increase profits as well as improve money management in your business according to God’s plan.  God has allowed you to have a business as a resource of income.  God is giving us the provision.  When I began to consult God on how to handle my money I noticed I  worried less about money and I focused on Jehovah.  I was able to end the emotional financial rollercoaster build my spiritual bank account and I had more money in my business and money to support my family.

Inconsistent Income Can Cause Money Issues

  • Inconsistent income makes it difficult to plan your cash flow and to stay on top of taxes, owners pay, and often time pay to employees or contractors.
  • Most business owners report feeling income is gone as soon as they receive the payment.
  • Constant worry over money and lack of sleep. 
  • Unfortunately may be willing to compromise values for more money.
  • Lack of tax planning throughout the year also hinders cash flow. Most businesses fail to pay taxes throughout the year.
  • If you scramble to replace damaged equipment or can not afford to pay your phone bill your business is in a tight situation.


What’s the Solution?

We often think the solution is to increase the number of clients.  B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. Embracing The Kingdom Economy (this is not the prosperity theology) program will help you to create constant cash flow in your business. You will always have money in the bank even regardless of the number of clients in your business.

We will cover:

1.  The 10 mistakes business owners make to create a failing business and how to turn that around.

2.  The Biblical life practices that all business owners should follow.

3.  How to keep more money in your business to be an effective spender and donor.

4.  How to prepare for taxes.

5.  How to eliminate the habits that keep us just above broke.

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