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About God's Business:  Business Training for 2018

Prepare your business for the closing of 2018 and start 2019 fresh with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, owners draw, taxes, tax planning, software, financials, savings and more. What does it mean to walk out biblical principles with Holy Spirit direction and have a business that serves the will of Elohim? We need to do more than just pick up a label.

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Business doesn't have to be as hard as it seems.  

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As an active mom, grandma, and business owner, I have to maximize my time and money.  I have to find ways that make me more efficient and productive instead of just busy.  I know you also have much going on in your life.  I have created various tools to help you the business owners. 

In my various online digital E-courses, you can move at your own pace of learning and implementing accounting for your business.  Many people believe you have to have an accountant on an expensive retainer for accounting advice but I have created an affordable solution for the new to growing business owner for all the stages of income.

All my course include biblical principles of Yehovah, God.  We learn to refocus our faith on to the Kingdom and allow God to transform us by renewing our minds.  We will let go of worldly principles of business and embrace and live God's way of doing business because it's all about God's business all while being legally compliant in accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and more.

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