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In this course, we will cover how to build a sustainable business from the ground up.  If you are new to the business or you currently feel like your business runs you instead of you running your business this course is for you.  

If you feel like money is low and slow this course is for you.  Or if you feel like you have plenty of money with no real purpose this course is for you.

No, my goal is not like most courses that tell you to add another business before you are ready or to add on more work or delegate all of your tasks to someone else so they can work long unbelievable hours instead of you. That's not fair either but how can we maximize what we have from where we are with the resources we have now without charging insane prices and have financial peace of mind on our current revenues.

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Fearlessly Abundantly Blessed Women's Workshop

August 18-19th, Online Event


Fearlessly Abundantly Blessed Women's Workshop from Y Michelle Coard on Vimeo.

Fearless Abundantly Blessed Women Workshop is a place to finally combine your business with your faith. Many Christian business owners believe they should not take Jesus everywhere they go. Implementing a God-centered business is not a church business it is not jumping on everyone who enters the doors or calls about the word of God. Learn more

Mastering Money Management God's Way

Online Workshop (Webinar) - Live September 29th and 30th

Do you avoid managing money?  Do you feel money management is evil or money is evil?

Thinking About Money or Managing Money Is Not Greedy it is Responsible 

Good stewardship opens the doors to abundance.  Get proactive with your money.   Money is a resource for living, giving, fun, and to further the word of God.

And “Mastering Money Management God’s Way” will show you how to open the doors to more resources from God.  Proverbs 16:3 NIV- “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” ....Read More

Ask The Accountant Tuesdays on FaceBook Live-Free

Join the Bi-Monthly on Periscope or FaceBook. Live for various topics and Q&A sessions for business owners.  The bimonthly webinar is to provide business owners answers to their most pressing business accounting, bookkeeping, and tax questions to assist you in your business.

Most business owners underestimate the importance of accounting in their business.  Accounting is more than bookkeeping and is the most overlooked business-critical activity.  My purpose is to help educate business owners on the importance of accounting by making the accounting process fun and engaging.  I strive to help you save thousand of dollars and hours of time.  Read More....

Periscope Handle:  @BPAccounting

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