Building Business Freedom

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A couple of years ago I built a business with 60 plus clients but I was the only person in my business.  I knew I could not sustain my business.

I was afraid it would crash around me and I would damage my brand.  I lived in fear.  I was exhausted, unhappy, and slave to my business.  I built a business without personal boundaries.  I realized I went into business with the world's mindset of how to build a business.

I finally reached freedom at the end of 2015.  2016 was a year of complete change and transformation and my business was rebuilt on a God foundation!

In this course, we will cover how to build a sustainable business from the ground up.  If you are new to the business or you currently feel like your business runs you instead of you running your business this course is for you.  

If you feel like money is low and slow this course is for you.  Or if you feel like you have plenty of money with no real purpose this course is for you.

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Building Business Freedom Intro Video from Y Michelle Coard on Vimeo.