Hidden Cost and Time Sucks

Hidden Cost and Time Sucks



One of my top pet peeves is hidden cost and time sucks. I don’t like to be blindsided by my finances or my schedule. Does this mean I am not flexible? No, I realize there are times when God will lead me to do something that is not in our original plans. I know things happen, but that’s the purpose of margin.

In accounting, the margin is a percentage. Gross margin refers to sales minus cost of goods/services sold. Gross margin is not net profit because operating, tax, administration, and other expenses are not included.

Net sales – Cogs/Coss/net sales

The margin is a significant percentage of determining the additional capital available for other expenses. Gross margin lets us know if you have earned enough money to support the business.

The definition of margin in the Kingdom economy means that we leave space. A wise man does not devour all he or she has Proverbs 20:21 NIV. But we know there is a percentage to give, save, and use because we are becoming good stewards.

Let’s dig deeper and count the cost. What’s depleting your funds? What if you have tried all you know in budgeting but can’t seem to get ahead? Let’s dig deeper because there are spiritual and financial aspects of your financial future.


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