Fix The Money Leaks

Fix The Money Leaks

Save Thousand of Dollars in Your Business & Personal Life!


B&P Accounting "Fix The Money Leaks" tips to save thousand of dollars and hours of time.

Money leaks are secret attacks on our money.  Money leaks often appear in our lives as a frequent shortage of money often unexpected.

I have often felt like a moving target.  I remember feeling as if good things happen something bad was coming along.

God later revealed the missing link.  We will discuss different methods in your personal and business spending that may impact your money.  Constantly opening the doors to small but frequent losses or large money leaks.

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I help by giving weekly money tips to assist you with common and uncommon spending habits that seem to keep us in a financial struggle.

Click below for an example of weekly fix the money leaks tips videos available on YouTube on my Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. FaceBook Group.

We are busting the debt money block in "Bust The Debt Money Block" and fix the money leak weekly tip.


Taxes are a secret money leak.  Tax time strikes fear and dread into most business owners!  It can be a depressing task but it is not the enemy.

Most entrepreneurs are:

  • Saddened by the amount of tax due, low refunds or penalties.
  • Spending days and days getting everything ready for their accountant or tax professional (promising to never leave it all to the end again!!) And each year, they’re doing the same thing.
  • Losing out on thousands of dollars from missed deductions and credits (and from poor on-going bookkeeping throughout the year.)
  • Not clear on their TRUE revenue. (Tax time is not the time to determine the amount of money earned.)
  • A business that feels like a cash drain.

And it pains me to see and hear this stress during tax season ! It really does!

So I reserve time in my calendar to offer special rates and times for you! “Fix The Money Leaks” brainstorming sessions are super casual, no-obligation, zero-judgment call!

Let’s talk about your business and brainstorm some ways you can be saving money on daily expenses, tips to create an effective spending plan, save money on taxes and profiting more in your business!

It’s my passion and forte to help business owners save thousands of dollars in their businesses. There’s no greater joy!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new in your business (and not making much money), or if you’ve been in business for years and years and have a large positive flow of income. I’d love to talk and help!